DIY Backpack Makeover!!



Hello Everyone!  Per your request, here is the DIY for backpacks. Perfect for showing off some of your creativity as you are starting off the school year. Here are 3 fun designs to try. Hope you will enjoy making it as much as wearing it.


Solid colored backpack (I got mine at IKEA)
Hot glue gun Glue

Depending on which design you will be doing, you will need additional materials as listed under each design.

Tribal and Ethnic Design: This design is great or fall. I spot it everywhere I go and is on trend.

-poms poms
-thin link chains (you may use old custom necklaces that you are not longer wearing)
-jump ring
-pair of pliers
-needle and thread


Lay out trims where you would like it to be placed on your backpack.
Measure the amount you need and cut, leaving about 1/2 inch extra.
Fold in about 1/4 inch and glue close to the seam of the backpack on the side. Repeat for the remaining trims.
Glue the rest of the trims across the backpack to secure.
With the extra trims, wrap around zipper pull to measure the amount you need, cut and glue. If you would like to hang something onto the pull, cut the trim a little longer. When gluing, this will leave a little loop for you to hang little accessory or trinkets.
To add a little fun, we will be adding some poms poms. Cut out chains in different lengths.
Using a pair of pliers, link the chains to the jump ring.
With a needle and thread, double thread and tie knot at the end. Sew through a pom pom. Once you make it back with the needle, loop it through the end of one of the chains. Repeat until the pom pom is secure to chain, tie a knot and cut off access thread. Repeat this step for each pom pom and chain.
When done, open up jump ring with pair of pliers and hook it onto the zipper pull. Close jump ring to secure.

Bunnies Design: So adorable! Need I say more?

-acrylic paint
-dry paint brush
-cookie cutter or circular shape object for tracing
-metallic paint


If you have a bunny shaped cookie cutter, trace it with a pencil, scattering over backpack. If not, use a circular pattern and trace with pencil. You can draw on the ears after.
With a dry brush, paint on acrylic paint. I recommend painting at least 2 layers.
I use metallic paint for the last coat to add some shine.
Let dry completely before use.

Lotus Design: This is a design inspired by yoga. The lotus symbolizes being grounded on earth and yet open to the divine. A symbol that has been used in the Eastern countries for many years as a sign of spirituality. I used turquoise to represent relaxation and calmness; yellow to stimulate the brain; and pink to show unconditional love for all.

-acrylic paint (color of your choice)
-lotus pattern (see below)

I just did a google search for the lotus art here:

Cut out lotus template
With a pencil trace it onto the backpack where you would like it to be placed.
With a paint brush, apply craft acrylic paint. Apply one color at a time in each section of the lotus.
Then use a pencil to retrace the lines, so that it will show through the paint. Draw in the petals of the flower.
With a sharpie, trace over the lines and add details. This is where you can be creative with your own unique design.
To add more details, you can cover zipper pull with trims and/or add poms poms(mentioned under the Tribal/Ethnic Design).

Have fun!!!



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  1. Hello Ann, can you please tell me where you got your template for the Lotus flower as I would really like to try that one out! It’s beautiful. I really liked the feather laptop cover too, definitely trying it out when I get my own laptop!

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