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If you have been following me on YouTube, Twitter or Instagram, you know that I’ve just done this crazy back to college dorm room renovation series!  There are four videos to the series followed up by two tips and tricks videos.  If you haven’t seen it yet, start by watching this first video above.  I had an opportunity to work with a brand that I have loved for years on a project that I thought was incredible.  Many of you have asked to see the final dorm room pictures.  Click below to see them all…

Contrary to what some commenters may feel, I think the room came together nicely with a great and inviting cozy feel.  There is a desk for studying as well as an additional folding desk if needed.  The sink space was cleverly redone to distract the eyes from the hideous sink.  Overall, while it may not be the most utilitarian or practical, it’s a huge transformation for the girls.

RoomBack Roomback3 Roomback4 Roomfront   RevisedRoom


Eric’s Notes:

Working with Target was a dream for Ann and quite a incredible experience.  What the videos don’t convey is the amount of work and time put into it.  From our perspective, Ann was on set for 5 days straight from 8AM-6PM and one day was from 8AM-4AM the following day.  There was an incredible number of personel as well, with over 65 on one of the call sheet’s alone.  It was definitely a large production.  This doesn’t even account for all the planning, the editing, the post production etc.  Countless hours have gone into these videos.  The film crew also shot the Real World as well as did work with Keeping up with the Kardashians, so those of you that said it had a similar feel are very astute =)

Working with such a large project was both a great experience as well as on the flip side, a fine balance.  Ann and I are used to shooting, editing and post production with our little two person team.  Ann and I.  To go onto a set with this many people was mind boggling.  In addition, when working with a large brand with budgets, often they have different vision of creative, while creative has another.  It is a challenge to make the brand and Ann come together with a common vision.  Many brands try to turn YouTube content into commercials and talent such as Ann try to rein it in to turn it from a commercial into a video that is both informative and brings value without being too pushy.  It is a fine balance.  Our goal to to make the content entertaining and engaging without you feeling like we are trying to sell you something.  Everyday was a constant struggle making sure we all saw eye to eye.  Everyone is under pressure with budgets, tight schedules and just pure exhaustion.  It all came to a turning point on the last day of the shoot at 2AM where Ann  was just mentally and creatively frustrated.  Luckily, the creative team understood Ann’s concerns concerns and Ann and I quickly storyboarded the final shots(the shopping in Target) and thanks to the flexibility of the team, we were able to finish the shoot successfully with a result that both Ann and the client were happy with.

We really hope you all enjoyed watching the series and I hope my wall of text gave you a little more insight into the process.  By the way, it’s funny to see commenters state how it feels scripted.  While it was not scripted other then general vision, being on set for 5 days straight with multiple takes can sure make things seem scripted.

Anyhow, thanks for all your love and support.

Eric & Ann

6 comments on “College Dorm Room Rehab Series w/ Target”

  1. I really liked the series. You can tell that it was a Target “commercial” but it wasn’t pushy on the product. It was more like — hey , check out Target. You can decorate your room just with stuff from here — I can only imagine the amount of work and frustration that you guys must have gone through. In the end, it’s all worth it. Great job!

  2. Wow, the room turned out beautifully! Truly was not sure how the make-over was going to be accomplished; but definitely love the results. Kudos to all who participated in the videos!!

  3. I do love how the room turned out but I must say that at my school we had to stick with the furniture we were given – there was no getting rid of those giant, ugly desks that hardly anyone used for actual school work.

  4. I really loved how it turned out. So beautiful! although i did not like the folding desk idea. I am in college and i know that i need to use my desk all day.

    Excited for the next episode =)

    Greetings from Saudi Arabia xoxo

  5. I love the hanging leaves idea! And I’m in love with the palm tree wall hanging on the second from the bottom picture!! Where did you get it from? I can’t find it on the target website D:

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