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Ann’s Top 9 Tips for Packing Light for Vacation!!



Oh my goodness!  Only a month left until summer ends and it’s back to school time!  This is your perfect opportunity to squeeze in some last minute travel so you can say that you went somewhere this summer!  I made a great video on some packing essentials, but I also wanted to go over nine of my top packing tips!  Let’s go into detail right after the jump!

My biggest pet peeve when I fly is how airlines charge $25-$50 per checked bag!  I would rather pack light and take that saved money for an extra fancy meal or admission to a great museum.  Ok, so here is my list:

1)Downsize everything.  If you are going for a week, there is no need for that mega value sized Olay bodywash.  You can pickup TSA approved toiletry bottles. You can usually find them in the same sized toiletry section of the local drugstore or pharmacy.  Squirt your liquids into those.  While you are at it, pickup sample sized toothpastes and soaps as well and throw it all into a quart sized ziplock bag.

2) Pack Light!  I used to overpack until I realized that I only used held of all the crap I packed.  And I paid for it, not just in money but also my back in carrying the bags around!  I know it’s tough ladies, but try to stick with 2 pairs of shoes.  I like to pack a pair of comfy flats for the airplane and a pair of  nice shoes for a special occasion.  You can also get away with stuffing in a pair of flip flops.  If you are only going for a few days, consider leaving the laptop at home.

3) Don’t Over Stuff!  Airlines are getting pretty strict about overall size of carryon bags.  Some even ask you to slide it in a square box to check the size.  How do I prevent the poofy suitcase look? I like to pack with large items in the middle and then use small items like socks and undergarments to fill the holes.  Place flat items like a magazine or laptop on the top layer of your luggage.  Roll garments to maximize space and reduce wrinkling.

4) Digitalize your media!  While I love the feel and smell of a printed book and magazine, they are just not weight and size friendly if you want to carry more then one.  E-Readers like Kindles are very affordable now and there are tons of times great books come up for free on Amazon.  If you have an iPad, use it!  My iPad is a travel must have.  I can check my email, watch a movie, finish reading all the Kindle books i’ve purchased but haven’t cracked open yet….=)

5) Don’t forget all your cords!  I like keeping a separate travel pouch that holds all my charging cables and plug cubes.  I’ve recently consolidated and updated my Apple devices so they all use the same style of plug.  If you forget your cables, you can often find replacements at the Dollar Store!(except for the Apple Lightning one)

6) Wear heavy garments/sweaters on the plane:  If you are a person that get’s cold easily(like me) or are going to a cold climate, wear your thick garments on the plane.  Besides saving weight and precious space in your carryon, I often find the airplane to be super chilly.

7) Pack blacks, Grey and Neutrals for clothing:  You want garments that go with other pieces for multiple outfit ideas.  When packing light, try to avoid garments that can only be used for one outfit.  You are looking for versatility.   A few versatile pieces can make many different looks.  Quality over quantity!  For traveling undergarments, consider ones that you can hand wash in a hotel sink.  My hubby loves his Ex Officio underwear for that very reason.

8) Pack an empty water bottle and some moisturizer:  Air travel is brutal on your body and very dehydrating.  TSA doesn’t allow for liquids to go through the security line, but if you have an empty bottle, you can refill before you get to your gate.  Stay hydrated on the airplane!  Also, the recycled dry air is terrible on your skin.  I recommend putting on face moisturizer before you get on your plane and a after you land, do a quick face rinse to wash off any dirt and oils off your face.

9) Remember, you can take (2) bags!  Airlines allow you to take a personal item like a purse as well as the carry on.  If you can’t fit everything in your carryon, put your purse in a tote bag for some extra room!

Do you have any other tips?  Comment below and enjoy the rest of your summer!!