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Have you seen the movie or read The Fault In Our Stars yet?  Written by fellow YouTuber, John Green, it’s a fantastic and sad story of love under the most dire of circumstances.  The movie is shaping up to be a phenomenal success.  Congratulations are in order for John!  That being said, I loved the movie and was inspired by both the movie and requests to make a TFIOS DIY tutorial.  I was inspired by the artwork to make a white as well as a black cloud and a star soap.

In this DIY, we are going to make two different types of soap.  The first is a tea tree oil moisturizing hand and body soap.  This soap is soothing and also a natural anti bacterial.  The second soap base is a activated carbon based face soap.  The activated carbon is perfect to extract the toxin and impurities from your skin after removing your makeup.  This tutorial is super easy to make!  Let’s get shorted with this, shall we?…..


The best part of this tutorial is that you will know exactly what is in your soap. We wont use any weird chemicals that are hard to pronounce.


First things first… you will need some soap making supplies(all easily found at your local craft store)

White Soap melts– this is found from my local craft store

Shea butter- this is full of enriching vitamins that will nourish and make your skin feel baby smooth and moisturized.

Activated charcoal – this will work as a skin detoxifer and will draw out toxins from your pores. I love this stuff as I get lots and lots of black heads.

Flower shaped cookie cutters for molding out our clouds and silicon star molds.

*optional – essential oils for extra beneficial properties.

Now that we’ve gathered the supplies, let’s start making the white soap!
First, cut out 2 cups of the soap melts into little squares. I like to do this as it makes the melting process a lot quicker then trying to melt a huge chunk. I like melt it in a pyrex cup, similar to a double boiler setup. You can also use a double boiler as well. I don’t recommend melting the soap melts directly in a bot pan. I like to melt my soap over the stove in a pyrex cup in hot boiling water. You can also microwave the soap melts if you prefer.

Once everything is completely melted… you can personalized the soap with a few drops of essential oils. I like to use tea tree oil because it’s great for acne and it’s also an anti bacterial. You can also add essential scented oils for a little sweet scent. A few drops will suffice. 10ml/drops is more then enough of essential oils.

Pour the oils into the liquid soap and mix the two together. After mixing, you can either pour the soap into a silicone mold or a large baking tray. For the clouds I poured the soap into casserole-baking pan to create a flat surface. For the stars, I happened to have a silicon mold. But you can also use a casserole tray and star shaped cookie cutters. Let the mixture settle to harden for at least 5 hours.

Now, it’s time to make the black soap! Follow the same steps as above to make the base with the oils and stop before pouring it into the molds or trays. Mix about 2 tablespoons of activated charcoal in with some rubbing alcohol and then pour it into the liquid soap. The rubbing alcohol will liquefy the carbon and prevent it from clumping for a nice even mix. Rubbing alcohol will evaporate off as the mixture cools. If you feel like your soap doesn’t look black enough – add more carbon and alcohol mix until you get your desired look. Finally pour the mixture into the mold. Let the soap set for up to 5 hours to harden.

After the soap hardens, you can cut it out by hand with a knife or with a cookie cutter. You can remelt the excess scrap to prevent waste.

These soaps and stars will make the perfect face and body wash! To use the black soap on your face, first wet your skin with warm to mildly hot water to open up your pores. Next, lather it in your hands first and then apply it generously onto your face. Massage it onto your face and troubled areas for at least 2-4 minutes and let the activated charcoal do it’s work pulling all the impurities out of your skin. Rinse with cool water to help shrink your pores. Do the same thing with the milky white body soap on your body. Lather it all over with a body sponge and let the moisture seep into your skin. I hope you’ll feel refreshed and enjoy! And remember, some infinities are bigger then other infinities!

Until Next time, Have fun creating!



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  1. Honestly, I am glad someone finally understand how much this book means to me. I have loved long before it became popular. so I love this idea!

  2. I LOVE ‘The fault in our stars’ the book and the movie Shai Woodley acts as Hazel and I love all of her movies!!!!!! Thank you soooooo much for making this DIY!!!!

  3. Where did you get your Activated charcoal? And what craft store did you get the White Soap melts?

  4. hey! i tried this and it came out really good. I also wanted to say that the movie, the fault in our stars is astonishing i also started the book and i love it

  5. I’m at Canada, I’m trying to buy the activated charcoal on amazon. but they don’t ship it to Canada. do you know what kind of store usually sells activated charcoals?

  6. I have 2 question:
    – Can I use black soap everyday in the morning and evening?
    – Can I use white soap for face ?

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