Easy Independence Day Treats and Snacks


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Hi Everyone!  I cannot believe that July is right around the corner.  Kids are out of school and it’s a time of celebration and many cook-outs.  There is no better time then now to try one of these easy ideas for fun, simple, and delicious snacks and treats.

3 Color Refresher You’ll need 3 different liquids, ice, and a clear drink dispenser.  The 3 liquids should be of different sugar content, with the highest sugar content juice be on the bottom, then the next highest, and so forth.  I will be using red, clear, and blue liquids.

Start by adding ice to the dispenser.

Next, add the juice with the highest sugar into the dispenser.  I used a pomegranate lemonade from Trader Joes.

Then, add the second liquid by pouring it over the lid and into the dispenser.  This will help to slow the  pouring process and distribute the liquid evenly over the previous one poured.  I used a clear a light soda.

Last of all, add the liquid with the least amount of sugar on top, also using the same method.  I used a sparkling raspberry water.

You should end up with a 3 color beverage that is appealing and refreshing.

American Flag Fruit and Cheese Platter

You’ll need a rectangular platter, white cheese cubes, strawberries, blueberries, and star shape cookie cutter.

Start by lining strawberries into a stripe.   Followed  by a cheese cubes stripe.  Continue until done.    Leave a small square on the top-left corner for the blueberries while making your stripes.

When you are done with the stripes, fill the square in with the blueberries.  I used a small square bowl for this.

Top the blueberries with star-shaped cheeses, cut out with the cookie cutter.

Now stand back and admire how awesome it looks.

Cake -In-A-Cup

This dessert  is simple and easy to eat.

You’ll need blue cake, white frosting, strawberries, and clear cups.

Start by cutting the pre-made cake with a knife.

Cut by slanting the knife inward slightly toward the bottom, so that the bottom will be slightly smaller than the top.  I used a cake mix, Blue Suede, from Target.  If you cannot find blue cake mix, use angel food cake  mix and add blue food coloring.

When you are done cutting your cake pieces, push the one cut cake piece to the bottom of each cup.  Layer white frosting (make your own or store bought) moderately on top of cake.

Last of all, top with strawberries.  Voila!  You have a red, white, and blue cake-in-a-cup that is both fun and delicious.



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