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Make a Statement with Empty Picture Frames as Wall Art



Hello, hope you all are enjoying beautiful weather. Spring time is one of the best time to update your home. After all, spring brings new beginnings as the flowers bloom and the trees refresh their leaves. One easy way to do this is to swap out old home decor or simply be creative with some of the things you may already have. Decorating does not have to be expensive to look good. For this DIY project, I’m going to show you one of the ways to give old picture frames a new look and make a statement on your wall.


Picture frames of various sizes and texture with art or photos removed (you can find these at thrift stores, garage sales, etc.)
Paint brush
Paint primer (spray can)
Paint-color of your choice
Newspaper or something to protect your floor

-On a flat service, lay frame down -use newspaper, drop cloth,old beach towels, etc. to protect the floor
-Shake primer can and spray to cover evenly. Primer will help paint to adhere and increase color vibrancy
-Once primer is dry, paint on color using the paintbrush. Be sure to get the brush into the crevices.
-Let each coat dry before painting the next. At least two coats of paint is recommended. You can place your brush in a bag, like a used grocery bag, and twist bag around the handle to keep it from drying out while waiting for paint to dry.
-Once you get your desired look, let paint dry.
-When completely dry, frames are ready for hanging.
-For Polaroid frames, measure a string across the frame, cut, and secure with tacks on back of frame. If you need to, use a hammer and tap lightly. Use clothing pins to clip your favorite pictures onto strings.
-You may hang smaller and lighter frames with push pins, and for larger and heavier frames, I recommend using a hammer and nail. Happy hanging!

Thanks for trying out my DIY. Good luck! Until next time, be inspired and be creative.