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Outfit | Oversized Striped Top & Leather bottom




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It was another LA day, so of course we had to make a stop by one of my favorite Latte places.  Urth Caffe is usually my go to stop for a nice cup of warm latte – however I feel like they lost their “wow” factor after a few or too many visits.  The Moroccan mint started out tasting like a cup of divine goodness that soothes the soul after a long day of meetings- but  sadly that is no longer the yumminess I once looked forward to having.   Sometimes too much of a good thing becomes not so good after a while.

Today I had to do a lot of walking around LA.  Eric and I were working on a secret project  so we had to gear up for something practical.  I have a thing for wearing oversized tops over fitted bottoms.  To balance out an outfit, try wearing one fitted and one loose item when it comes to pairing.  Although it’s not a must, it’s a great rule of thumb every now and then!


H&M short – similar HERE

Zara top – similar HERE

Steve Madden boots – similar HERE

Karen Walker Sunglasses – HERE

H&M tote bag

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