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Gossip Girl PRADA wall Art


Hey Everyone!

As requested by many of my lovely subscribers, I bring to you the PRADA Gossip girl wall art! I simply get enough how chic and simple this looks in my bedroom.  It’s contemporary and will surely brighten up your space in style. The DIY step by step guide is below along with the fonts.




Blank white canvas

Black Paint

Black Glitter

Mod Podge

Print fonts below


Exacto Knife


Masking tape

1 large paint brush

1 small paint brush


Step 1: Print and cut the font letters (below).  If you have a smaller word, it might be easier to create a stencil for this with an exacto knife.  Set those cuts aside.

Step 2: On the blank white canvas, measure out how long you want your words to be and lined up.  Use masking tape to help guide you on where to place the letters.  The tape will help you place the letters on a straight line.

Step 3: Place the Letter to where you would like it on the canvas.  Then with a pencil, trace out the letters. I used a ruler to help myself keep the letters straight.  I first traced with a pencil, then re-traced with a sharpie marker.

Step 4: Using the small paint brush, I painted the black paint on the edges of the letter.  Then took the larger paint brush to fill in the middle of the letter.  I suggest you work on one letter at a time when painting.

Step 5: Once the paint has dried, apply the mod podge over a letter.  Then sprinkle on the black glitter.  Repeat onto the next letter.

Step 6: Spray over an acrylic setting spray to kept he glitter from falling or brush over another layer of mod podge.

Step 7: Once this is all finished, lightly pull off the masking tape.  If there are any errant glitter on the canvas, just use some masking tape to take it off.

Lastly, enjoy your work of art.

Here Are the Fonts (The size can be adjusted in your printer menu)





1837 MARFA-1 MARFA-2

33 comments on “Gossip Girl PRADA wall Art”

  1. Anne, WOW!!! I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT!!! So chic and simplicity that’s what this is. I am glad it can be made in different size. Thank you for this and many of your other diys I love them all. 😀

    1. hey! how did you resize it? save as pdf? I’m not sure how to resize mine! I need it smaller for a 24×36 canvas!


  2. Oh my god! Anne this is such an amazing idea! Just when i saw this video, i screenshotted it, and started making it just the day after. I putted everything to the side, and ruined my schedual, but u know what, it was worth it! My version is on my instagram account, @hejjuliee THANK U!

  3. I made this and it looks amazing in my guestroom, i have an iphonecase exatly like this. Thank you so much ann, you inspire me everyday and science i started watching your videos i have become a more creative person.

  4. Hi Ann,

    I was just wondering what size your canvas is?

    Thank you. Hope you are having a good day! xx

  5. Hi Ann! I am from Spain and few days ago I started to do this Wall Art! I took the same measures as you, but now I don’t know the distance you usted to put the PRADA letters from the top. May you tell me what are the distances you used?

  6. Love this… THIS IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN…printed out the PRADA stencil seamlessly but having trouble with the rest… only partial is printing(example, the M is cut in half when I try to print and nothing else prints) can you tell me what I’m doing wrong please?

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