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Hello Hello! Today is my first Easter DIY of the year!  I think I am the most excited person in the world because it is officially spring(Well, almost spring).  Anyone else excited? Spring to me means pastels, flowers, sun light, and warmer days.  As I am typing this, I am in Dallas, Texas. It’s 3:46 am now and the wind is howling outside so loud I thought if I can’t sleep then I should at least finish this blog post!

Today, we are going to be making Geodesic Soap Gems! This DIY is super easy and will make amazing gifts for this Spring and Summer! If you will be hosting any parties or showers – these will make THE BEST party favors. Since Easter is rolling in faster then we can expect, this would make a fun easter project as well! So let’s begin after the break…


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(Most of these can be purchased from your local craft store in the soap making section)
Clear Glycerin soap
Soap dyes
Essential oils (ex. Tea tree etc. – this is optional but perfect if you want to create THE BEST soap in the whole wide world)
Soap scented oil
Rubbing alcohol

Deep trays
Pyrex cup

Step 1- Cut your glycerin soaps into cube like shape and melt it. You can either pop it into the microwave for heat the cup in boiling water.

Step 2- Mix. After the soap in melted, now is the time to add in colors, scents, and your essential oils.

Step 3- Pour the mixture into the mold and then spray on some rubbing alcohol to dissolve the bubbles.

Let this cool for up to 4-5 hours completely to solidify.

Step 4- Remove the solid soap from the mold and cut them into the soap size you like. Then start making slices off the sides randomly. Do not worry about looking perfect, it will look more realistic that way.

That’s it! Simple right? Let me know how your project turns out. #LifeAnnStyle on instagram if you are recreating this!



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  1. Love this diy. Great for the spring and summer seasons and just to adding a pop of colors and scents to ones décor. Thanks again for another great diy, Anne. 😀

  2. When making this diy, do I have to use both the essential oils and the soap scented oils in this diy? Or will one oil be okay to use?

  3. Thank you for sharing this idea, I tried it out for a giveaway at my party but instead of making gems i used a Hello kitty ice maker mold. It came out super cute!

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