DIY Valentine’s Day Sundae Candles



If you are a candleholic like me, you probably have a stash of old candles or half burnt candles collecting dust in your cabinets.  Ever wonder what to do with them?  Today, we will be repurposing and giving new live to your old scented candles, the wax at least.  This is a great DIY to recycle those old candles you have at home and give them a fresh new look in the form of wax melts.  You can also make them any shape with the right mold.  These will also make a great gift for any occasion!  Who dosent love getting yummy smelling things?  Let’s get started on this DIY!…..




First, get out some scented candles that you either don’t need anymore or want to repurpose.  I have a bunch of large jar type of candles that have been neglected.

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Other items you might need are some containers and 9-inch wicks.  You might be able to reuse the ones in the unused candles, but I find the longer wicks come in handy for this project.  You will also need some molding trays.  Silicone ice trays work best.  You can use whatever shape you want; get creative!

To start, you first need to melt your candles.  I like to melt my candles in hot boiling water.  Heat the candles starting from room temperature water.  I don’t recommend using a microwave as most candlewicks use a metal base.

While the wax is melting, glue in your wick to the bottom of your container.  I used E-6000 and a long wick from the local craft store.


Once the candles are completely melted, take the darkest shade and slowly pour it into your containers.  Be careful as the wax is hot.  I like to pour my melted wax into a warm pyrex cup first, then slowly pour again into the container and mold.  This will prevent the wax from spilling and making a mess.  After pouring the first color, make sure the wax is cools completely before adding in your next color.  Don’t get impatient and start pouring the second color too early, or you will end up with a mess.  To prevent the rest of the wax colors from solidifying, keep them in hot water.

With the extra melted wax, I pour into 1/3 of my mold.  For every color and layer repeat the same steps as before.


For the whipped cream on my parfait and sundae, use the same technique like my Hot cocoa candle DIY.  You just need to chop up the wax and melt it slightly leaving a chunky texture and then place it on top on your candle!

What I love about this ombre 3 color effect is that there’s a new scent every time you burn a layer!

Let your candles cool and solidify and have fun!



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  1. Love this diy, always wondered how to do ombre candles and thought it was hard and it looks like it isn’t thanks to you, Anne. 😀

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