DIY Rebecca Minkoff Tassel Clutch


M rm clutch

I have been loving these cute pouch purses from Rebecca Minkoff.  Small enough to not be obtrusive and large enough to just hold your cell phone with a few credit cards and cash.  The colors she used are so bright and playful.  However, after looking at them, I wondered if I could DIY one of my own and add my own creative twist to it.  I’ve come with with both a sew and no sew version for you.  With less then $10 in materials and a few easy steps, you too can have a cute pouch clutch!  Let’s get started on this DIY, shall we?….



A heavy duty zipper the size you like you clutch to look.  I prefer using zippers used for denim as they are bigger and chunkier.

Vinyl, leather, or heavy thick fabric. Half a yard is more then enough to make a few purses.

If you want to line your clutch pick out a fun print or pretty fabric.

If you want to glue this together – use E6000 or permanent fabric glue for fabric.

For the decorative words – you will need some metallic paint.  I like using the metallic gilding paint.


Cut out 2 rectangle to your desired size.  Make sure the width of your bag will match up in length with your zipper or be a tiny bit smaller.  Cut out your lining fabric the same size as your rectangle.  Then with a spray adhesive or fabric glue – glue the wrong sides of the fabric together.  On 1 long side of each your rectangle – Press in ½ seam allowance on the wrong sides to prepare for the zipper.  Next, sew in or glue your zipper .  I have other tutorials on new sew clutches and bags if you want other reference techniques on how I make this.  Open your zipper and place the right sides of the rectangles together.  The lining would be facing outward.  Sew or glue in all 3 sides.  Snip off the corners and turn it inside out.

For the tassel – I like to use 5” wide and 3.5” long tassel.  Measure the top of the tassel to go down 1 inch and then for each fringe- I made it to be .25 inch thick.  With a scissor, cut the fringes up to the 1” line along the width.  Then, cut out a thin 3.5 long x .25 wide strip and looped it into your zipper.  Glue the ends of the loop on the fringe strip and with some dabs of E6000, roll the strip tightly together.  Let the glue settle for at least a day before tugging and using the clutch.

To decorate the outside pouch… I practice my writing on notepad then apply it onto the vinyl with a pen.  Lastly, take your brush and paint on the metallic over the words.  Let this dry for over an hour.

There are so many variations on this concept.  You can add a chain to make a cross body, use larger dimensions to make a large bag or a long clutch, etc.  All from one basic technique!

Have fun with this and get crafty!



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  1. Anne, I just love this diy too. Its simple and cute and you can make it in any size. Thanks a million for all your wonderful diys. You are creative and talented.

  2. Love it!!! love everything ’bout you… I’d like to make some for me and my
    girlfriends but I have a really, really bad handwriting. Do you have any suggestions on how I can those cutie words? or can I make stickers instead by printing it??? Thank you… love lots xoxo

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