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Hey everyone! I wanted to give my wall a new look so I thought about hanging up all my wall art that I’ve collected.  I really like how it looks, but I felt like I was missing some other elements and a dynamic touch.  I had some empty picture frames and shadow boxes from previous D.I.Y.s and thought about making my own art.  I created what I felt was missing from my wall and I also took inspiration of artwork that I liked but didn’t want to pay hundreds for.  Want to make one?  It’s so easy!  Let’s get started….


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First, you are going to need some frames or shadowboxes.  The frame is from Ikea that I purchased here: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60232813/  You can get shadowboxed from Michaels and with the 40-50% off coupon(you can pull it up on your smartphone while in the store, just google Michaels Coupon on your phone)



Next, find some colorful fabric that goes with your decor.  You don’t need much, just enough to cover the frame backing.


Finally, you will need vinyl decal paper – you can also use already made decals or stickers.  If you don’t have access or time to cut out the vinyl, you can also use paint stencils.

First, take the backing paper and use it as a template.  Trace the shape onto the fabric with a pencil.  I took the paper already inside and traced it onto my fabric with pencil.

Next, I cut out my shape.  Take a sharp set of scissors and cut out the fabric and apply it to your backing.  To prevent the fabric from sliding as you mount it, use a little bit of glue around the edges – I am gluing it onto the backing of the frame. You can also use a spray adhesive for a seamless surface. And with that, let the backing dry.  After it dries, reassemble the frame.

For the design You can do it either one of two ways. You can buy sticker decals or make your own.

I have a step by step detailed tutorial on how you can make your own decals in this video

Trace or draw out your design onto sticky vinyl paper. Then, cut it using an exacto knife.
Try starting with really simple designs before you make the intricate ones. The Eiffel tower took forever to cut out but it was well worth it. Weed out the excess vinyl before you apply the contact paper mask.  Weeding is removing the unneeded vinyl material before applying the mask.



You can also use a punch to cut out the decal paper.  Here is where I got the vector image of the Eiffel Tower.


Eiffel tower 1

To achieve a clean and flat application of your decal, use the method I show in my DIY decal.  I used a hinge technique to apply the vinyl.  First, I laid a strip of tape down the middle.  Starting on one side, peel off the wax backing and fold towards the centerline.  Holding the mask tight, and apply the decal with a squeegee or a credit card.  Once applied, peel off the rest of the wax backing and apply.


If you can’t find vinyl paper, or want a different look, try using a paint and stencil. You can make or buy your own template through many online and in-store sources or even design your own.

Once you choose a stencil you like, clean both your glass and stencil of dust.  Next, spray on your adhesive for your template to the back of the stencil and let that settle for at least 60 seconds to let the adhesive become tacky.  Don’t apply the stencil immediately after spraying.  Stick it to your glass surface and seal the edges with your finger.


Almost there. Now, take out your brush and gently dab on the paint. Try to resist brushing it as it can cause the paint to bleed through. Finally, after painting your coat, peel off the template before the paint dries.

This should be fun as you can mix other template designs or colors on top of each other.


art 4

Making these frames is such a great way to express and display your creativity. I love the
eclectic and colorful art of my wall and I hope you will enjoy making yours.



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  1. Did u make the Prada Marfa wall art on your own? Do u have a tutorial abt it? Will love to try it on my own!

  2. I do enjoy all your diys that you do. I like all the wall art I have not one favorite. Thanks for all your great diys 😀

  3. I just found you on bloglovin and i am obsessed!
    I just subscribed, i cant believe ive never seen your blog before!
    Your amazing, love everything you do! Has put the biggest smile on my face given the crappy day ive had. I agree with the below comment, did you made the prada art? I need it in my life!

    Dani xo

  4. I love that picture with all the designer names on it , it’s next to the one u made the yellow one , where did u get it I love it. It’s the picture that says christian dior , tiffany , fashion , Paris vogue etc.

  5. Love it so much! Maybe this is a random question – but did you also make that watercolor flower under the frame of the Eiffel Tower? If so, you should make a DIY similar to the Chanel floral art you made (:

  6. I love all your DIYs and I’ve used so many for my room. But I’m missing one thing… The art of all the designers. Will you make a DIY about that also, or was the purchased. And if so, where may I purchase it?
    Thanks for being such an inspiration.

  7. where did you get the one next to the yellow one? The one that says a bunch of designer brands. I love it!

  8. I have the exact same “problem” as you! I’m very creative but when it comes to interior designing my own spaces my mind just goes meh. Thank you for these tips, I love your DIY gallery wall video! xoxo

  9. I love the idea of a gallery wall and i’ve always wanted to do something like that in my room but never got to it. I love the gallery wall you’ve made and i’ll definitely use is as inspiration to get started on mine! 🙂

  10. Bonjour! I love your DIY’s, you have really good ideas. I especially like the PRADA one, the original one is good but I like the one we see in the backround. I wonder how you did the letters, and the faux marble effect in the back. I’m sorry to disturb you, but I really like to know how you did it, I’m obsessed haha! xoxo from Belgium

  11. hi! Absolutely love the prada marfa in this! Is this a diy or did you buy it somewhere? If you bought it could you send me the link or could you tell me how to make it if it is a diy?

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