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DIY Romantic Bed Canopy



I love the romantic bed canopy look.  The only problem is that most of the time, dedicated canopies are built into bed frames and as a set, they can get super expensive.  I already found a frame and headboard that I love, so what’s a girl to do?  Eric and I were in Home Depot one day picking up wood to build a crafting table when I saw a pile of wood dowels.  I looked at them and started to brainstorm up ideas.  Who knew that the local hardware store could be a place of inspiration for my DIYs!  Anyhow, after sketching it out, i think I have come up with a quick, and simple DIY that you will feel proud of hanging over your bed.  The overall look is also dramatic and can really change the look of your room.  Don’t worry if you think it’s girly.  Eric thinks it’s pretty cool =)


As you can see, the dramatic draping lines adds a dimension to the room and helps frame and give a focal point to some wall art that we worked on last week.  Looks great right?  Well, if you want to work on this with me, let’s get started!…..


Pin Me! Canopy-PIN


First off, to set the look, you will need a fabric that suits your taste.  I’m using about 8 yards of lace see through fabric.   I used a 50% off coupon to buy this and ended up only spending $29 for a whole roll!! This also leaves me with extra fabric to work on other DIYs.  Anyhow, I recommend using a lightweight fabric for this project.  Because this will be hanging from the ceiling, unless you use beefy hardware, you don’t want to use something too heavy.


Next I have two 1” thick wooden dowels.  You can use smaller and thinner ones as well if you use a lightweight fabric.  You can find these at home improvement stores or craft stores.  They’re pretty lightweight and cost about $2.00 each.  You may need to cut down to fit depending on how you design your canopy.


To prevent the fabric from sliding off the ends, I have these 1.5” wooden plates from my craft store – These were $3 for a pack.  You really only need 4, so save the rest for another DIY.


Now, you need some hardware to hang your canopy from the ceiling.  Get four screw on hooks.  Your hooks should be big enough for to hold your wooden rods.  I got a set of brass ones only because that’s all they had in the size I needed.  You can always spray paint to match, but the brass looked fine to me.-$4 for 4.


If you want to prevent your hooks from tearing through your sheetrock ceiling, then I suggest you find anchors that matches your hook screw thickness.  If you get anchors in white, you can easily repaint to blend into the ceiling.  If you screw the hooks directly into the sheetrock ceiling, they can pull out pretty easily.  These anchors strengthen the hold.  You only need the plastic inserts, but these are also handy around the house for hanging heavy picture frames and other projects.


Next- You will need about 3 yards of ribbon.  I got a plain white ribbon so as not to take away from the aesthetic of the canopy.


Lastly I will be using some pins, needle and matching white thread.

Start by determining where you want your canopy to hang.  You will be using 2 sets of screw on hooks, a pair for each dowel.   Measure out 4 holes evenly spaced apart.  What I first did was determine how wide I wanted my canopy.  So I set in my measurements about 10 inches in on the edges of my bed and 12 inches from the wall – my 2nd set from the wall were 32 inches.   Basically you are loosely going to make a rectangle.  If you want more drape, set them deeper into the bed’s edges. If you want more of a straight down canopy, set the edges right up in line with your bed.  It’s pretty simple.  I wanted a slight drape for shape, and set the edges in 10 inches from the bed sides.  Mark with a pencil.

Next, drill holes into the ceiling with the appropriately sized bit and press in your anchors, then screw in the hooks.  As you screw in the hooks by hand, you should hear the plastic of the anchor popping.  That’s good as the anchor is expanding and doing it’s job.

Now that we have the anchors in, let’s mock up the canopy.  Start by tying some ribbon to the hooks that you screwed in earlier.  You only need one for each side of the bed.  Then, drape the uncut fabric into the ribbon on both ends.  Start by centering the fabric, so you have an even length on both sides.  Then, if you want a bit of slack in the middle, adjust as needed.  Finally, adjust the length on both sides until you get the look you want.  This will also help you know if you have excess fabric to cut off.  Stand back and take a look at it.

Place pins where you need to cut at the bottoms of the canopy.  Next, tie the ribbon as you take off the fabric.  Basically, as you take the ribbon off the hooks, leave it creased in the fabric and wrap it around so as to save the spot when it was hung up.  The ribbon will help mark where you will hang up the canopy and sew pockets for the dowels.

Cut off the excess fabric.  I purchased 10 yards and only needed 8 yards.  Save any excess for a future DIY!!

Spread out the fabric and make sure to remember your marking spot with the ribbon.  Now take out one of the dowels and place it into the wrong side of the fabric.  Fold the fabric over it.  With the thread and needle, hand sew in the fabric together closely to the rod to make a pocket.  Repeat this on the other mark where you tied the ribbon.

I painted my wood plates silver but you can leave it as is.  Glue it to each end of your rod. This step isn’t super necessary, but I wanted to give it a finished look.  If you ever need to remove the canopy cloth for cleaning, just pull off the end caps.

Time to get it ready to hang!  Cut two 30 inch lengths of ribbon.  This length allows me to suspend my rods 15 inches from my ceiling.  If you have a lower or higher ceiling, adjust as needed.  Find the middle and then tie them to each ends of the rod in a simple knot.  Then tie the loose ends together with a square knot.  Hang up the canopy and enjoy!


Volia!  You can also add curtain hooks off to the sides of your bed.  I had light sconces that work perfect as hooks.  Hope you enjoyed this DIY!





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  1. This is beautiful, I can’t wait to make it for my room! Do you know what the width of the fabric is Ann? Thank you x

  2. Very nice! I made one a few years ago… it was nowhere near as nice as this one. Mine took all day to hang it too (what a mess I made). Took it down a year or so later… my family said they were glad to see it go away, lol (they had kept their opinions to themselves until it was taken down). Now, I never bother to ask any of them if I look fat in a new dress/pants either…love them though.

  3. Ann… I love love your canopy presentation… You kept it so straightforward… Not adding minute after minute of idle unnecessary chatter while showing each pass of your needle and thread.
    Having designed so many canopies throughout my years I do know how challenging it can become as I would usually be standing in my bed as you did…. And given that vertically I didn’t manage to make it past the 5 foot nothin mark..
    My arms would end up burning as if they were the stick connected to a marshmallow stuck in a campfire as opposed to mine that were seemingly trapped straight up over my head…
    My video would end up on America’s Funniest Video’s… Certainly not a beautifully edited DIY…

    This is my first of your video series… As well as the first one I’ve taken time to comment on! (you can now kick back for the day as you’ve impressed Velda ) I’ll be researching the others that you’ve filmed…

    Yes m’am… A job very very well done

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