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DIY Inspiration Wall Decals Material Guide



For those of you who are looking to make your own vinyl wall decals, here is a material source guide! =)

Vinyl Decal Paper (you can also go to a local sign place and see if they have any offcuts or scraps they can give you for free) There are other colors on Amazon as well. Any sign supply house would be willing to sell a roll as well. Eric said when we was making signs, you can normally get a roll of 24″X10 Yard Matte Black for about $20. That’s enough to make decals for your home and all your friends and relatives homes =) When he ordered sign materials, he would go here http://www.signwarehouse.com and for these wall decals, he recommended the Orcal 631. You can get a roll of 15″X10 Yards for $13.00 in any color. You can also buy these in rolls at Michaels or AC Moore in the Cricut aisle.

Contact Paper

Xacto Knives – This knife most closely duplicates the blade on a real sign cutter machine.

Have fun decorating!!!


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  1. I really love this wall deco so much.. its looks so easy when you did this.. I will definitely try to this on my own wall, so it will be more fun and attractive.
    _love from Malaysia_

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