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Ok, we only have a few days left until the big holiday break.  Are you like us running around wondering what to get everyone?  Trying to find a unique gift idea that will leave the recipient in awe of your vast amount of thoughtfulness?  Well, here is my top list of neat gift ideas!  Lets get started with this list, shall we?


Ok, so Eric and I are total rock lovers.  I have gained a new fascination for minerals and rocks and love looking in mineral stores.  The colors, shapes and nuances of all the different minerals mined from under our feet is so fascinating.  I really love Geodes and how on the outside they are ugly and typical looking, but when sliced open expose a beautiful core.  These two are sliced geodes that are perfect for serious paperweights or home decor.  Typically the larger the slice, the more expensive it would be.  I have them on my coffee table as a discussion piece and to add to the other neat minerals we’ve purchased over the year.  It’s so cool to tell folks that these are over 80 million years old!  I found these at my local Home Goods store, but you can also find these online or at a local mineral and gem shop.



I absolutely love the late Alexander McQueen’s work.  If you are not familiar, he was one of the masters of fine haute couture.  Eric describes his work as high fashion dark victorian.  I describe it as magnificent.  I have this book on my coffee table and love to peek though it when I am in need of a dose of fashion inspiration.  There are a lot of other fantastic Alexander McQueen books, but this one is my favorite.  I love the holographic cover.  It’s definitely a heavy and substantial book, so it is a little pricy, but it is well worth it.



Eric and I love hitting up the local antique flea markets and rummaging though thrift shops for hidden treasures.  Recently, vintage camera and photography inspired home decor has become super popular and you can find cheap Chinese replicas in most home shops.  But why add to the consumerist mess when you can find a well loved and eclectic piece that is waiting to be appreciated!


I found this piece at the local flea market and just loved the look of it.  The seller was asking for $40 for it and I bargained him down to $30.  What a score!  I have this sitting on my coffee table as a neat conversation piece.  I saw a non functional decorative camera at TJ Maxx that did not have the same level of detail as this piece for $35.  Thrifting/Flea Markets are the way to go!


Ok, we’ve all had this experience.  You are out on the town, texting and browsing the web while streaming on Spotify when your phone goes into the redzone.  Major crisis!  What’s even worse, the low battery indicator pops up and wants to shut down your phone.  You frantically look for an open outlet and don’t find any.  Whew, sounds like a recurring nightmare.  Anyhow, for the tech lover in your life, a backup battery is essential.  I carry my little stick battery wherever I go and Eric keeps the big pack in the car for emergencies.  We normally also keep a spare set of cables in the car as well.  These packs have saved us from becoming disconnected with the world(which may not be a bad thing) Whoever you give these to will love you forever.



If you are looking for a cute gift for young lady, there is nothing like a cute clutch that can double as a cross body bag.  I picked up this cute bag from Target.  You can hide the chain inside and use it as a clutch, or pull the chain out and use it as a cross body.  It has a cute clasp and the gold and black trimming looks chic and classy.  A versatile bag is aways an appreciated gift.  While you might not be able to get this exact bag, look for something that can be worn a few different ways to give your gift some longevity.

clutch 2 - claire Vivier

For the fashionistas, nothing is as chic as a cute clutch bag.  This is a Claire Vivier, which is a little on the expensive side, but the quality and materials are fantastic.  I like these simple clutch bags because they have clean and sleek lines and don’t have a ton of pockets to loose thing in.  I also made a DIY video if you want to make a similar bag on your own and save a ton of money.


These are a perfect gif for those looking to spruce up their rooms!  These are wall decals, which give a dramatic focal point in a room with a low cost and little effort.  These are made of sign grade vinyl, and are easily removable if you ever get tired of them.  You can buy wall decals in many different designs, colors, etc.  At under $20 per piece, you can change the look of your room in minutes!


I absolutely love staring up in the sky on a clear night and wondered what else is up there.  It is fascinating to both Eric and I how vast space is and how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things.  On the flipside, for our pale blue dot to be one of the few planets that is thriving with life is incredibly fortunate for us.  Anyhow, we spotted this book in Barnes and Noble and was captivated by the colors on the cover.  While they always say to not judge a book by it’s cover, we were sold.  After flipping though the book and staring at all the beautiful stars and clusters, we had to buy it.  We often flip through this book at night before bed.

Hubble 2

The pictures and text is just so incredible.  We love this book and if your loved one is a star gazer, they would love this too.  FYI, it’s $14.95 at Barnes and Noble.


I just love this cute camera and you will love it too!  This is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8.  This is basically the modern and updated version of the classic Polaroid.  For those of you that were not a child of the 80s, the Poloroid was an instant camera.  You would shoot a picture and immediately the image would pop out for you to enjoy.  This was back in a time before digital where you had to wait to take your film to be developed before enjoying the images.  There are a few different versions of the instax mini.  You can get the 7S model from Walmart for under $65 or some of the newer ones with bells and whistles for under $100 from Amazon.

Naked 3

When the Naked 1 and 2 pallets came out, I wasn’t a fan.  The colors in those pallets wasn’t flattering to my skin tone.  But when the Naked 3 came out, I was in love!  These Naked pallets are super high quality eye shadows from Urban Decay.  These rose toned neutrals are a result from the inspration of the creator.  Her boyfriend used to take beautiful pictures of here during the golden hour(when the light is soft and beautiful) and she was inspired to replicate it in these pallets.  Whatever the story is, I love the product =)  I purchased mine from Sephora, but they are presently out of stock online.


Winter is always a dry season with hardly any humidity to keep your lips moist.  Nothing kills a look more then a set of beautifully chapped lips.  This is the Origins Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balm.  These hydrating lip glosses are like Chapstick on steroids.  I have used these in the brutal New England winters with great success to keep your kissers hydrated.  This is a special value set and I purchased it at my local Origins store for $24.00.


Gosh, I am such a huge tea fanatic.  If you ask Eric, he will show you the kitchen cupboard filled with boxes of tea.  Give me a great cup of tea and I will love you forever.  My latest favorite tea was found at Target of all places.  This tea is from Harvey and Sons and is labeled as HT Tea.  The tea leaves are so fragrant and packaged in these cute silk satchels.  Just opening up the can and pulling out a teabag is an experience in itself.  Once you steep the tea and take the first sip, you will know why I am a fan.  Such rich and deep flavors and I found that I can often steep a tea bag up to 3 times!  If you have a tea lover in your life, this is a must get.  I picked these up at Target for $7.99 per tin.


women int he mirror


One of my favorite photographers is Richard Avedon.  He was both a fashion photographer and a “poet of portraiture.”  His photographs are among some of the most iconic in portraits.  I love how he captured the moment with all the emotion and energy of his subjects.  Flipping through the pages evoke wonder and thought as to what he subjects were thinking.  This is a perfect gift for that photography enthusiast.  Now this book is very expensive brand new, but I purchased mine used on Amazon market place to give it a little bit of a worn in look(and save a ton of money in the process)  There are quite a few other iconic photography books that any enthusiast would love as well.  Time to browse the local book shop!



Eric is super hard to shop for and a guy that is captain casual.  I have been trying to inject a little bit of vintage fashion into his wardrobe.  I just love the classic looks of the paperboys and gentleman of the 30-40s.  We’ve been checking out the shops for a pair of vintage looking shoes but all of the brands like J Crew, Florshem’s, etc had shoes that were over $200.00.  Now for ladies shoes, that might not be too bad but for guy’s shoes, that’s alot.  While we were walking the aisles of the local antique market, we came across a used shoeseller and these well experienced florshem’s caught my eye.  Eric tried them on, loved them and we proceeded to haggle the price from $35 to $27.  A great deal!  I love going though flea markets and thrift shops to find distinctive gifts!

Anyhow, have a lovely and fun holiday season and hope these ideas inspire you to get some other gift giving ideas!



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