Super Cute Budget Christmas DIY Gift Ideas with Jars!



The holidays are here!  It is always tough to figure out what to buy someone as a gift that is thoughtful and unique but it’s hard when you are on a budget  Are you a jar junkie like me?    Well, I have the perfect holiday gift idea for you!  Today we will be making super cute and fun gifts for both the men and women in your life.  These are some great gift ideas for your loved ones are are very creative and very easy to make!  So let’s get started, shall we?…



So this first jar gift would be perfect for the ladies out there.  This is a mani/pedi in a jar!  First, purchase some sample size and smaller nail care items.  Find some cute and fun colors to pop through the clear jar. 2

As a first layer, I put down cotton balls to both simulate snow and to also pad the bottom of the jar.  Arrange it to make it look eye catching and cute!


Fill it up to the top and fill any air gaps with additional cotton balls for a cute and wintery look.


To finish it off, I used a sparkly ribbon to tie into a bow and hung an ornament off it.  So cute right?


This next one is super cute!  This is Mr. Yummy Snowman!!!  I was inspired to make his from a HGTV Pinterest post.  I ended up filling Mr. Snowman with a kit for hot cocoa.  You can fill these up with whatever you want if you or your loved ones are not a hot cocoa lover. 7

I went and bought everything you need to make hot cocoa.  Colorful marshmallows, peppermint puffs, white chocolate pretzels and hot cocoa powder.  Try to get colorful fillings to make your snowman fun and cute to look at. 8

Fill each one with a component of hot cocoa.  I filled one with hot cocoa, one with cute treats and one with marshmallows. 9

After tightening up the lids, put a few spots of hot glue on the rim of the mason jar lid.  We only want a few to just keep Mr. Snowman together but not to permanently attach the jars together.  Quickly stack the jars up.


Once glued and stacked, decorate with sparkly ribbon. 11

Ok, lets make Mr. Snowman’s hat!  Using a lid, trace out a circle on construction paper for the the brim.  Then take a ruler out and space out an inch and trace for the outside of the brim. 12

Cut out the outer circle for the brim and then cut a circle smaller then your inner circle to cut out the attachments for the top hat.   13

Pop the brim on Mr. Snowman like so.


Next, I took a wide black ribbon from my craft box to make the top part of Mr. Snowman’s hat.  I used a dab of hot glue to attach it to the brim.


Let’s dress up Mr. Snowman with some cute arms, a scarf eyes and let’s not forget his carrot nose.  I rolled up a triangle of orange cloth to replicate a carrot.  You can use hot glue or E6000 to attach these parts to the jar.

When you give this gift, put it in a plastic sleeve or tell the recipient to be careful until they open up to prevent Mr. Snowman from falling apart.


Ok, so we made a few cute presents, but what about the manly man in you life?  I made this evening date night movie kit which both you and your loved one can enjoy together.  Eric likes it as it doesn’t make him feel like it’s going to affect his masculinity as opposed to a cutesy gift =)  I picked out some movies that I thought would be great to watch while cozied up under a blanket with hot cocoa.


Ok, so in one of the jars, I filled it with red velvet cake.  First I baked it with a store purchased mix and let it completely cool.  I chose red velvet as the rich red color reminds me of the holidays.  I also purchased whipped cream frosting as well. 19

Next, you can’t have cake without tea right?  I got a mug front he dollar store, a glass enamel paint pen and a few tea bags. 20

I took the enamel paint pen and drew on a cute pair of owls…the two of us are night owls so I though it was fitting for us =)  Let the paint dry and then bake to cure the paint.  Follow the instructions on your pen. 21

While the paint is baking, fill up your jar with a layer of cake. 22

Add one layer of frosting and then fill to the top with the rest of the red velvet cake.

24  Top it off with a bow and two spoons so the two of you can share and enjoy =)


Take a decorated shoebox or a gift box and start to layer it in.  Here is a tutorial on how I like to pack my gift boxes:




I hope this gave you some great gift ideas that you can make over the weekend while keeping on a budget!



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  2. CUTE! IAll your ideas are just so creative and intuitive! #respect <3 I´m thankful for just every Little Thing i´m blessed with, especially my mum <3

  3. You are amazing and such an inspiration. I love everything you make and have tried to make some just like you. They look amazing in my home and omg you are just my favorite youtuber of ALL time!!!!

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