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Gift shopping can get really difficult.  I know my hubby Eric is always difficult to shop for, but he loves fancy drinks.  I have been seeing these super cute mustache glasses all over and thought that these would make the perfect gift.  These are perfect for both girls and guys and don’t take a lot of time and money to make!  So let’s get started with this, shall we?…


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First off, you will need need some clean glasses.  Make sure to wash them with hot soapy water to remove any oils and dirt.  After washing, wipe it down with rubbing alcohol.  Get glasses that suit the personality of favorite drink of your loved ones.  Both Eric and I love tall fruit teas and sparking drinks, so I chose these tall beer glasses from Ikea.



Next, you will need some glass craft paints.  You want a bakeable paint that cures in the oven if you want a dishwasher safe glass.



Finally, you will need some fine hair paint brushes!

Ok, time to make the paint mask.  Cut out a small piece of contact paper or vinyl.  Fold it in half and draw out your mustache design or any other design that you would like.  Once you are happy with the way it looks, either cut it out with an exacto knife.  After that is all cut out, go ahead and peel off the waxy backing paper and then carefully place that onto the glass.  Use your thumbnails to make sure all the edges inside of the mask are fully sealed to the glass.

For the frosted glass…  I simply dabbed on 1 coat of paint with my brush.  After that dried, I dabbed on my second layer.   After an hour, I peeled off the sticky contact paper and I got a flawless result!

To make the black work, I did the same few steps of cleaning the glass, sticking on my design cutout, and dabbing the paint over.  The only thing I did differently was… right after I finished painting on my first layer, I immediately peeled off the sticky sheet and let the paint set.

Once the paint sets, go in with another smaller brush and paint on the 2nd layer.  The first layer acts as a tracing guide and the 2nd completes the finish of the mustache design!

According to the instruction on my bottle, you must let the paint set for at least ½ hour.  To play it safe, I waited a couple of hours and then baked the painted glasses for 30 minutes, then left it in the closed oven to cool off another 30.




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  1. Cute and simple DIY. Do you think glitter can be used on these glasses? I would make this DIY for my parents as a Christmas gift. Thanks again for a real creative DIY.

  2. This is soooooo cool!!!! We have a thing at school called ‘Movenber’ for hair cancer awareness and ‘I Pink I Can’ for breast cancer

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