DIY Gel Air Freshener {Great Holiday Gift Idea}



Today we’re going to make some gel air fresheners for all seasons.  You can personalize these for this holiday season or for spring, summer, or fall.  What I love about these air fresheners is that you can make this with items that are easy to find.  These will make excellent gifts.  I especially like them as room décor and fresheners for my closet and even bathrooms.  You can make them as colorful and as fancy as you would like!  So let’s get started, shall we?……


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First thing you are going to need are containers for your gels.  I love using cute jars and cups.  You can find a lot of the cups from you local dollar store.  Another crafters favorite are mason jars.  You can find these at your local superstore or online.


The main base ingredient to use is either gelatin or agar agar.  Gelatin is what a lot of other crafters use because it’s easy to find at local supermarkets.  Make sure you get unflavored gelatin to avoid mold issues and attracting unsavory critters.  I personally like to use agar-agar.  This is a plant based gelatin substitute that is made from seaweed protein.  I also find that it solidifies better and it’s vegan!


Next if liquid color dyes.  You can use food grade food coloring if you want.


Pick out the fragrant essential oils that you like.  You can also use liquid potpourri.  I used essential oils as I have a lot in my craft box.  I don’t mind purchasing these as I use it a lot for a variety of projects.


This is optional but really makes your tells pop and look great as a gift idea.  You can embellish up your air freshener with a variety of decorations.  Faux cloth flowers, beads, glitter, you name it!

Ok, so to make the gel is pretty easy.   You will need a pyrex cup, a pot and a mixing spoon (do not reuse this for foods).

First off boil 1 cup of water.   While that is heating take out 4 packages of unsweetened gelatin and mix that with 1 cup cold water.  Once your other water comes to a boil, mix that with the cold water mixture.  Then add in 1 tablespoon salt.  Now every brand of gelatin may be different with regards to instructions, so read and follow your instructions. If you live in a warmer climate, add an extra package of gelatin to ensure room temperature solidification.  The salt will both help as a anti bacterial as well as help the proteins in the gelatin or agar agar to bind better.

While the mixture is still hot, pour it into your jar.  It’s time to add in your essential oils.  Start with a few drops and if you want your gel to have a stronger scent then add in more of the amount.  Now it’s time to add in the color.  The colors I like to use reflect the scent, but be creative.  Let the liquid sit for a good 10 minute or so, then add in the decorative details.

Let this set for over 5 hours before wrapping it up.   You can also place it in the refrigerator for a faster setting time.  These air fresheners are good for 3 months until the smell begins to wears off and mold will grow – So get rid of it, save your jar and make some few ones!


Here is a different method if you don’t want to get your pots out!  I found water beads at my local craft store but also saw these at my local dollar store.  These are also known as water pearls.

All I did was mix in a squirt of fool color to add a tint of color, then a teaspoon of essential oil scent.  Super easy.



Embellish to suit your aesthetic and enjoy!



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  1. I’m definitely going to try this one out! :-)) It’s so cool and I think my mom will like it tooo! 😀

  2. Beautiful! I love all of them! I can’t wait to try and hope they come out even close to yours! lol 🙂

  3. I will certainly do this and give to my mum. Omg that’s soooo cute! <3 You have got big talent. Could you just tell me in which programm you edit your videos? Because they are also great 🙂

  4. That looks colourful and pretty. I bet it smells very good. I do like the pearl beads as well, something different and you have decorated it very well

  5. That is so cute I will give it to my mother for Christmas. Can I use orbeez insead of the water beads?

  6. Your right this does make a great gift i gave it to my aunt and my best friend and they both loved it!!!!!! thanks for making these osm DiYs

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