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DIY Super Easy Varsity Sweater



Fall is here and the holidays are right around the corner.  When I think of fall, I remember homecoming.  Homecomming is a time of year when friends and family come home and visit their alma matter to reunite and watch the local football game.  Some schools do homecoming in September/October and some do it Thanksgiving week.  Eric told me that his high school does it Thanksgiving weekend.  Regardless of when you celebrate it, it’s hard not to look at the cool classic varsity lettering on jackets.  Varsity letters are such a neat and classic way to embellish jackets, sweaters and any other accessories.  This embellishment has even transitioned over to pop culture to other garments as well.



So let’s get started with this DIY…..


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First, you will need to either install the Varsity Letter font or print one from my PDF.  You can download them below. (Click the links below!!!!)

Varsity Letter PDF
You can also download the original font here(Not Mac compatible) DaFont Varsity Letter Font Page

You will also need fabric glue, scissors, felt fabric and a terry cloth or hand towel.


After printing out the letter, cut them out.  They will be used as a template to cut both the felt base as well as the terry cloth inside.

7 Now, flip over your template and trace them onto your felt fabric.   I used a sharpie marker to make it easy to see.  Remember to flip the template over to make a mirror image.

8 Cut out your traced letters.  These will be used as the base of your Varsity Letters.

10 Now that you cut out the base, it is time to start on the inside raised portion.  Cut off the outline of the letter templates and set them to the side.



Just like with the felt, flip the letters over and trace them to the terry cloth.  Again, you are going to use a mirror image.

12 Cut the letters out from the terry cloth and trim off any fraying edges.  I recommend to run a line of fabric glue on the edges to prevent any fraying.

13 14


Lay your terry cloth inner letter on the outer felt layer to mock it up and see if you like the look.  If happy with the result, use fabric glue to attach the letters together and let it fully dry.

16 You can now attach the letters to your sweater by either sewing them on or hand stitching with a similar color thread as your felt base.  If you can’t sew, don’t worry.  You can attach these letters using permanent fabric glue.

18 To add a little bit of flare, you can add fabric ribbons to your sleeve.  All you need to do is cut fabric ribbon long enough to wrap around the sleeve.  Use fabric glue to attach to the sleeve and hide the seam/cutline under the sleeve.


varsity-2 (the two pictures above are from

I love this look and it is so easy to customize and apply to whatever garment you like.  Have fun with it!









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  1. Could I request a video on a DIY dressing table video? i know this sounds impossible but i really need one and all the ones on sale are too expensive. Another idea is a bag/coat hanger. My bags are all over my small room =). i would really appreciate it if you could make this video but i’m sorry if it’s impossible.

      1. Really? thank you! I was thinking that it would be really hard to make one but a vanity/dressing table the right size is just what i need!

  2. hi ann! thanks for sharing another interesting DIY 🙂 just wondering if the terry cloth cut out letter had fringes or if the cloth starting falling apart after washing? 🙂

    1. It may… There is a “No fraying” glue that works pretty well. I would wash the material on a gentle cycle.

  3. I love this idea especially since varsity sweaters are expensive. Comes out cheaper making them and looks just as good or better because you can customize it to your liking’s. 🙂

  4. I love this. Always loved these baseball type of shirts, jackets and tops =)) I’m studying to be a fashion designer and I’ve never thought about using towels for it. =)) Great job! Super Creative!! I love it!! =))

  5. Awesome! I love the idea. Maybe show a way to do it with fabric instead of felt, i think it would look even cuter!

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