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DIY Pop Art State Pendant & Faceted Beads



I have been seeing these super cute state pendants everywhere, first from small independent jewelry makers to even large companies like Urban Outfitters(who totally knocked off the little independents, boo)  These pendants are a great way to show off where you are from and some start or national pride.  I decided to make these out of polymer clay because it’s so easy to use and you can get it in so many bright colors!  I have also been loving these large faceted beads.  Their eclectic shape and shape make them perfect for making your own statement necklace!  Let’s get started on how to make these, shall we?…..


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First thing you will need is polymer clay.  Polymer clay is perfect for jewelry making as it is easy to use without and specialized tools and after baking, hardens up into a permanent item.  There are many brands, chose the one with the color you like!


Next, you are going to need some tools.  You will need some pliers to open and close jump rings, a knife to cut the clay with and a sharp pin like object, or a shish kabob stick.


Next, you will need some chain and some jump rings.  You can reuse chains from old jewelry or but it new.  I took apart an old Forever 21 necklace.


Ok, go to and search for images for the state or country you want to make.  Scale to to the size you want using photoshop and print it out.  I chose a picture of Texas and California.  These will be your templates for the pendants.


Cut off a piece of clay and start kneading it.  It starts off hard, but once is starts getting kneaded and warmed up from your body temperature, it will become soft and pliable. 7

Use a roller and flatten out your clay.  Make sure to make it large enough to fit your cutout.

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Lay your template on top and cut out your state using a sharp knife.  Your cutout does not need to be exactly like the template, as long as the overall shape is the same.  Use your fingers and burnish off the edges.


Finally, take a sharp object and poke holes where you want to put them to attach your chain.  Put your items on a non stick baking tray and bake at the recommended temperature.  Let it cool to room temperature before handling.


Time to start making the faceted beads!  Start by rolling out a ball of clay. 13

With a sharp knife, cut in your facets for the bead.  This does not have to be perfect or symmetrical. 14

Take a sharp object like an awl or a which kabob stick and punch holes in to thread your beads. 15

Bake your items at the recommended temperature.  Every polymer clay is different, so refer to the instructions.  DO not over bake it!  Once done, let it cool to room temperature.


Time to build the necklace!  Take your jump rings and connect them to the ends of the chain and then to the pendant.


With the large faceted beads, you can string them up to make a great statement necklace.  I used an elastic beading cord with contrasting beads.  Tie the ends together and enjoy!


Hope you like this tutorial!  Where are you from?  Comment below!





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  1. This is so amazing and creative. I love all of your DIY projects and wish to be as good as you someday.

  2. I just went to Hobby Lobby and picked up turquoise polymer clay!!! I am attempting to make Sri Lanka necklaces for all of the ladies in my family before my hubs and I move their at the end of next year!!!! Thank you so much Anne!!!

  3. I’ve spend my weekend watching your DIY videos and loving all of them. I am planning to make or at least attempt to make some of the things in your videos!!! The stuff actaullly might be easy enough for me to make. Well hopfully I won’t run into too much trouble. Thank you for sharing these amazing and fun DIYs.

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