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DIY Cute & Sexy Bunny Costume


I LOVE Halloween. Did I mention that already? What do I love about it? Well, absolutely everything. The parties, the candies, the trick-or-treating, and of course, the costumes! Now ladies, this costume is for the older ladies that want to be a little bit risqué and sexy. Now I wouldn’t personally recommend this for trick-or-treating with your nieces and nephews, but if you’re going to a soiree then why not add a little bit of glam to it. Plus, besides this costume being super easy to make, how purfect is it for a costume party?!  I don’t think i this entirely appropriate for trick or treating with little Johnny. Let’s get started! Bunny-TN


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Materials: 2-1


Electrical Tape

Pipe Cleaners

1/2 Yard of Lace

Fabric Glue/Hot Glue

Black T-Shirt



1.Start by making the ears.  You will need the pipe cleaners to use as the base. 2-3


2. Bend up the ears like so and then mock it up on the headband.



3. Take your electrical tape and wrap the base of the ear on the headband.


4. Next, let’s put the lace on the ears!  Start by trimming a piece of lace a little larger then the frame of the ear.


5. Take your hot glue gun and apply glue to the ear frame, then press the lace on top.


6. Trim off the excess lace and repeat on the other side.  Cute, right?

2-8 7. Ok, now for the dress.  Take a well fitted tank or dress and lay it on top of your t-shirt.  This will serve as the pattern for your bunny dress.  Cut one inch outside of the tank for  seam allowance.  Flip the shirt inside out and glue the sides together with fabric glue.


8. Create the neckline.  You can make this as risqué or conservative as you want.  Trace it out with a fabric or chalk pencil.


9. Cut out the neckline and then use fabric glue to attach the lace.  Let it dry.


10. Time to make the tail.  Start with a few squares of lace fabric.


11. Fold each one up and tie them together to form a simple bow.  Keep addend more lace if you want more structure or volume.


12. Time to make the lace accessories for the hands!  Start by cutting the elastic portion of the sleeve and cut one end.  This will serve as the elastic band that does on your wrists. 2-14 13. Take a triangle of lace and glue it to the middle of the elastic like so.


14. Glue a ring to the end of the lace.

Volia!  A haute and risque costume for the adult aged costume parties!



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