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Hi guys! I’ve gotten a lot of requests these past few weeks to make DIYs using things from the home and also room décor DIYs.  While working on a Halloween costume, I came up with a chanel perfume display that’s full of glitter and it’s also functional – because it doubles as a storage box!  You can hide your personal journal or anything you want to store away.  This is such a pretty display but you can use this method on any jewelry or folding box.  This is such a easy DIY that would be the perfect visual centerpiece for your room!  Let’s get started, shall we?


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To begin, you are going to need some glitter and Mod Podge.  I am using gold and silver, but you can use any color you want.


Next, you will need a rectangular box as your main perfume bottle.  This can be any size or shape.  You will also need a smaller box to act as the cap as well as a plastic cap(I used one off my liquid foundation) to use as the bottle neck.




Once laid out, it looks just like this!  We can already see it coming together.


First step is to hot glue the cap to the small box.


Next, cover the assembly with Mod Podge and cover with silver glitter.  Let it dry.


Next, cover the box in Mod Podge and gold glitter.  I opted to not cover the bottom as I wanted to be able to ope the bottom of the box to hold items in.  After letting the glitter dry, you can spray it with hairspray or clear coat to keep the glitter from flaking off. 7

I then did a handy Google search for “Chanel No 5” images and printed a clean image out.  You can print what ever label you want.  Cut out the image and then back it with another sheet of paper.  After dry, hot glue it to your perfume box.


Ok, time to fasten the cap to the bottle!  Use a hot glue gun to attach the cap and the run a bead along the seam for a more secure bond.

9 10


Let’s add a finishing personal touch.  Add a ribbon around the cap part.  To to it off, put a little bow on top.

That’s it!



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  1. hi ann i saw this video on YT this morning and i already started scouting for boxes to make it. its really nice and thanks so much for sharing it! what is a good alternative for mod podge (we dont have it in our country) ? 🙂

  2. LOVEEE the Chanel Perfume bottle! adds a rather vintage touch to the room 🙂

  3. Hi Ann, I saw this video on YouTube on 10/21. I am already looking for my boxes to make this classy and stylus and fabulous home decor. Great DIY for us women that want that look too hide our things without being to obvious. Thanks for this DIY I love it.

  4. Hey 🙂 really want to try this diy but can’t find any big tubs of glitter :/ roughly how much glitter do you use?

  5. Bookmarked! 😀 Thanks for this. I’ve been decorating my room a bit and this is such a nice decor on my vanity area. Great job. 😀 I’ll be making one too 😀

  6. I saw the video in YouTube and i did it and loved it, but my question is, Who won the most engaged subbie giveaway??

  7. I REALLY want to make this one! The only problem is that even if I make itspace in my room to put it 🙁

  8. This is a great DIY it is great to hide some pocket money from your little brother(I’m 12 years old)!!!!!!!

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