Decorative Pumpkin Ideas for Thanksgiving



Ok, so you got a few pumpkins kicking around from Halloween but don’t feel like baking them.  Some folks would throw them out.  Others would put them in the backyard to rot.  Supermarkets have pumpkins on clearance.  Why not repurpose them and give them a makeover?  In this DIY, we will remake everyone’s favorite gourd and turn it into a great Fall decoration!  Let’s get started….


There are many ways to decorate a pumpkin and with the right technique and storage, these pumpkins can last till Thanksgiving!  Always display your pumpkin in a cool place.  Leaving them out in the sun is a recipe for rotting pumpkins.  Now, if you want to keep this for longer or to reuse every year, craft stores often sell foam pumpkins that last forever.  If you buy after Halloween, there are often on clearance!!  Score!

First, you are going to need some materials.  You need a dent and soft spot free pumpkin to start.  Make sure it is firm all around.  If there are any soft spots, it’s probably going to rot.  Wash your pumpkin with cool water or wipe it down with a wet nap.  You will also need some paint, paint brushes, embellishments and other craft room scraps!  Finally, get out your glue as well!

Normally when I paint, I like to use a base coat to ensure a good surface to paint on top of.  Think of it as a primer.  Because the pumpkin itself is naturally moist to touch, a water based paint will not stick or come to a full cure.  I recommend using an acrylic or even a spray paint.  For those of you that want to cook the pumpkin afterwards, I reccomend using the acrylic as chemicals wont leach into the pumpkin itself.  Both the spray painted and acrylic painted pumpkin will degrade fine if tossed in the compost pile or in the yard.

The first idea after painting your pumpkin is to decorate it with embellishments!  After painting, take craft glue and glue on your embellishments however you want.  I also like to paint the stem in a metallic color.  This both seals the pumpkin as well as gives the decoration a sophisticated look!

Now, if you don’t have embellishments kicking around you can also use thumbtacks to decorate your pumpkin!  After painting, lightly use a pencil to trace a design on the pumpkin.  Next, push in thumbtacks to flush out the design.  Because you are puncturing the skin, this pumpkin won’t last as long as the others.

Finally is the hotly debated pumpkin turkey.  Mr Tuxedo Turkey is often mistaken for his avian friends that lives near the artic areas.  Must be his dapper tuxedo that is throwing everyone for a curve.  You will need two pumpkins.  Once large one and one small one.  Trim off the stem of the top pumpkin as close to the top as you can.  Then paint the front white for the tux.  Mask off the white with masking taps and then paint the rest of the pumpkin black for his dapper jacket.  Paint on or glue on buttons.  Next, paint the small pumpkin for the head in gold or tan.  Cut out a triangle of orange colored cloth for the nose and clue it one.  Finally cut ovals out of felt to make the eyes and glue them on.  Stack the small pumpkin on top and you have now made Mr. Tuxedo Turkey!

These easy to do decorations would make a perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving!

Have fun and stay crafty!



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  1. it would be cute to paint the penguin brown and used multicolored pipe cleaners and then its a TURKEY!

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