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Have you seen the Phillip Lim 3.1 Get it Girl shirt? I love the print, but for $175, I have been hesitant. I’ve been wanting to make a Phillip Lim styled top since it previewed this past Spring 2013.  I love the concept of a colorful print inside of typography. It’s so eye-catching! I wanted to show how you can personalize it by making the words represent you or what you like.  You can put something inspirational, show some school pride, or a team # you like.  Only your creativity will limit your options. So let’s get started on this!…



First, you will need a blank solid tee.  I found some really cheap ones from Joann’s fabric store.  You can also get some really nice basics from H&M or American Apparel if you want to spend a little more.  Get a shirt with a cut that suits your needs.


You will also need a quarter yard of fun printed fabrics. Pick anything you like! You can even cut up old printed clothes.  I’m using tropical prints since that’s what Phillip Lim uses and I love the way it looks.  There is so much variety for printed cloth that you can really have fun with this DIY.


Next you will need this package of heat and bond.  I bought this at Joanns fabric stores but you can also find it online.  Heat and bond is basically a roll of heat activated iron on adhesive.  Also I will be using a ruler, this cute iron, and pen!


Start by taking out your heat and bond sheet.  With my design idea in mind, I’m going to cut my sheet large enough to draw my design.  With the paper side up facing you, lay the textured side on top of the wrong side(opposite side of the print) of your fabric.  The texture side is the adhesive melty side and we want this to adhere to the back of the fabric.


Then press it down evenly with your hot iron (set iron on high).  Once that’s evenly pressed on, let it cool for at least 2-5 minutes.  Now it’s time to draw out your design on the paper side of the backing.


When drawing out your design, keep in mind it will need to be a mirror image – since you are drawing on  the wrong side.  If you draw your image right side up, you will have a backwards logo to iron on.  For a quick tip, sketch it on scrap paper then put it up to a mirror to get a better idea of what you will draw.  I am using a pen and a ruler to help guide my lines.


Once your design is drawn out, cut it and put the excess material to the side.  You can save the excess material for another project or to make small embellishments, like stars or something that can accent your piece.


Next peel off the paper backing from the material.  This will expose the other side of the heat sensitive adhesive.  Start heating up your iron again.


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Now, lay your design right side up however way you like.  The heat and bond is not sticky until you heat it up.   Make sure to place it perfectly as you can’t more it once you iron it on.  After you have your design laid out, press the designs down with the hot iron.  Then let your top cool to touch and enjoy!  This material is fully washable.  I recommend washing under cold water then hang drying the garment!

You can also cut up your boring tees to look like a crop style or relaxed tank!



Looks like you just saved $170.00 and have a awesome top that you customized yourself! This appliqué concept would work awesome on other garments and accessories, not just shirts.  You can do this on tote bags, backpacks, skirts and bottoms etc.  Your only limit is your creativity!

Love ya!


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  1. Does it matter which type of printed fabric I get? I’m worried that the edges may fray after I cut them…

    Btw, love your blog (and channel)!

  2. I can’t find Heat n Bond in my country. Where can I get it? Or maybe, Can I use the other? If I can, What kind of?

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