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DIY Pencil Case & Makeup Pouch


Hi, lovelies!

So I’ve been getting lots of request for a DIY pencil case and so today I’m going to show you 3 designs you can make.  Some designs you can use glue for those of you who don’t own a sewing machine, and if you do have a sewing machine… than this should be a piece a cake for you!  Want to make a super easy case?  Let’s get started! ….


Design #1 – Non Sewing


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Pencil Case 2

This first design is perfect for school supplies and even makeup or art brushes!



– Fabric that is 15 inches wide and 10 inches long; I like to use upholstery fabric because it’s thick and durable

– 9 inch zipper


– glue;  I recommend Aleene’s glue from Joanns fabric store, this is my favorite permanent fabric glue on steroids



First have your fabric cut out 15” wide and 10” long… Then on each sides, fold in ½” into the wrong side of the fabric.  Iron in the seam allowances.


Now take out the zipper and place that in the center w/ the right side facing upward.  I recommend you unzip a little before doing this.  Now with the glue…. Place it along the side of the zipper like so.


Next, gently place the fold of the fabric over with the right sides facing out… do the same thing on the other side.


The glue takes over 10 hours to fully dry but after 1 hour you should be ready to move on to the next step.  Just remember to carefully handle this.


Once everything is dry, you can now turn it inside out.

9 Now glue in the sides in like so… again let that set for over a good hour before turning it inside out.  After 24 hours you can use this and even wash it, if necessary.

Design #2 (Sewing)


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Pencil Case 1

Here is a fun design to store makeup or pretty much anything! The first step is very similar to design #1

11 Have a piece of fabric that’s 15” wide and 10” high.  Create a half inch seam allowance by folding in ½” on each of the fabric.

12 To sew in the 9” zipper… I will be placing the right side of the zipper to the right side of the fabric.  Notice here, how I’m lining the zipper to the ½ seam allowance fold line I made earlier?  You want to use the fold line as a guide only.  Make sure to push the zipper teeth over the fold – just enough for it to zip latter.



Now I’m using pins to hold this in place.  Before sewing make sure to have your zipper foot in your machine (if you never done this before, read the manual that comes with your machine.  Now I’m going to sew the wrong side of my zipper.


After both sides are sewn, turn the bag inside out to make sure it look right.  Turn it inside out again.


To give the case a box like dimension, fold in the sides in on itself like so.


Pin it down and take it over to the sewing machine and sew both ends.  When done, turn it inside out.


Volia!  A boxy pencil case!

Design #3 (glued or sewn)


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Note: You can apply the same method I showed you in the last 2 designs for the zipper part.

22 Here I have a piece of cloth that’s 10.5” wide by 16” long.  I’m using an old zipper stored in my sewing bin that’s longer than what I really need but this can easily be fix by sewing it to the length I need and snipping off any extras.


After sewing or glue-ing the zipper on… Make sure to have the it unzipped and turn the wrong sides out, then you can either sew or glue the sides together.


If you’re sewing – fold the corners at the bottom together like so… measure 1 inch out and sew it.  Then you’re ready to turn it inside out.


If you’re using the glue method- then turn it inside out first, push in the corners 1”… just like what I’m doing here and then let the glue set for a day before using it!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY!



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  1. Hi Ann, I was wondering what type of sewing machine you have? I’m considering buying one, would love to know which one you use! 🙂

  2. Hey Ann! Just a quick question about design #3: Assuming I want a flat pouch, I just don’t glue in that 1 inch corner, correct?

  3. Hiya,
    I was just wondering where you got the fabric from, specifically design 2 and design 3
    Thanks a million

    Xoxox love you Ann (:

  4. Hiya Ann,
    I was just wondering where you bought the fabric from for this video, especially design #2 and #3.
    If you answer it would be amazing
    Love you a million

  5. Sorry wrong video. It keep posting on the wrong one. Sorry. I was talking about your {sew and no sew} pencil/makeup case video from September 2013. I was just wondering where you got the fabric from. It would mean the world if you replied. Love you xoxox

  6. Totally confused on #2–how the heck do you sew the other side of the zipper? I’m stuck! I sewed the first side but it’s impossible to sew the other side now. I’ll get my seam ripper out and see if there’s another way!

    1. yoU sew the other side the same way. Make sure the fabric edge is pressed down and you ope you zipper.

  7. hi I was watching the video for this with my daughter and we are in love with the pink fabric. where did you get it? she wants pillows for her room and I think that print will be great for her to have some throw pillows or a seat cushion. thanks for sharing this idea with us

  8. A simple tutorial to make a drawstring backpack. Perfect for storing toys, use as a library bag or a light weight back pack for the kids when out. to-sew

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