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Have you ever ended your day with a bunch of unsightly black hair ties on your wrist?  Ever put your hair up in a quick bun or pony tail and wish you had a little accent of color?  Have a bunch of hair ties lying around the house?  I don’t know about you, but I do to all of the above!  Today, we are going to solve the unsightly hair tie problem by making colorful and fun hair tie bracelets!  It’s a hair tie.  It’s a bracelet.  It’s multifunctional!  Ok, so let’s get started with this tutorial…..


2  First thing you will need are hair ties.  I love a nice splash of color!  I picked up these colorful hair ties at my local drugstore.  These are made of silicone and are soft to the touch without a metal clamp holding it together.  I would recommend doing the same.


Next up is some chain.  I looked in my jewelry box and tool out some unused or broken jewelry and will be repurposing the chain for this DIY.  Just for the record, the jewelry used was all cheap Forever21 quality type stuff.


So first, you will need to measure and cut the chain to length.  I recommend using enough chain to cover the top half of your wrist.  Because the majority of the bracelet will be elastic, there is no harm in making it a tiny bit short.  Next, open up the end links and insert the end of your hair tie.  Close up that link.

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Finally, inset another side of the hair tie on the other open link and close that side up.  Volia!  You have a cute and colorful bracelet and hair tie!   I love this as it’s comfortable to wear.


Next up is a super easy to make bracelet with charms!

10 8



You are going to need a hair tie, a pack of charms(I got these from my local craft store) and some jump rings.


This is so easy to make.  Open up a jump ring and put it on the hair tie.  Next, put a charm on the jump ring and then close it up.  Repeat this as many times as you want.



I love this elastic ribbon style of hair tie.  I saw them in stores, but at $12 each, I figured that I could make my own.

12 13


First, you are going to need elastic band and embellishments.



You also need embellishment glue.  I like using the Aileen’s one.


Cut off the amount of elastic you want.  I usually measure enough elastic to wrap around my wrist.   After you cut, tie the ends together with a knot.  Then find something in your home like a bowl or cap.  You will need something with a hollow inside and slightly bigger than the elastic.  This is so you can stretch out the elastic and place glue on top.  The hollowness of the bowl will prevent the glue from seeping through and sticking on the surface.  You also want the band to stay stretched so that way the glue can seep between the pores of the material.  Now I’m going to place glue where I like the embellishment to go,  according my glue instruction, I have to let the glue set for 10 minutes before placing the embellishments on.   Let the embellishment dry for a day before wearing it out!

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 9.32.25 PM



This last style takes a bit more time but I love how different and decorative it looks!  You will need some elastic cord/lacing.  The elastic cords can be found in the kids craft section and if you cannot find it, you can use regular hair ties.  Next on the list are color floss or yarn.  You can find this at any craft store. These are the kind of color floss to make friendship bracelets.  Finally, I have some beads with bigger holes, these will add a nice jewelry look but if you don’t have these kind of beads than that’s okay… you don’t need it.





So to make this second style simply fold the elastic cord in half measuring up to 10.5 inches folded. Cut, then wrap it around 3 times like so and then tie the ends.  Now take out the color yarn and measure out about 9 inches… fold the floss 2-3 times over.



Next loop the folded floss under the elastic then insert one end through the bead.


Whenever the floss gets fussy I like to use a small paper clip to push it through the bead.


Then do the same thing with the other end but make sure the floss wraps around the elastic bands.  Once the floss are through the bead, push the bead tightly to the elastic- then take the floss and knot the whole thing.  Push the knot close to the bead and tie it tightly. 25

Then snip off the end.  You can make the tassel any size you like.  Repeat as desired!

Finally, no more unsightly black bands on your wrist!



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  1. It is also a cool idea to fold tiny rubber hair ties and chain them and secure at the end for a cut bracelet

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