Details at Alice + Olivia Spring 2014 | New York Fashion Week


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This  was one of the most anticipated shows for me.  I received news from my friend Dale while siting at the Herve Leger show that I… ME!!! oh and Eric! were officially confirmed on the invite to ALICE + OLIVIA!  It almost seemed as though he wasn’t talking to me.  I was so flippin happy and almost forgot I was still in the Herve Leger show!

Day of the show, we arrived a little early and waited patiently in line.  It was a standing show – which was expected and something I prefered.  As Eric and I signed in, I excitedly walked into a spacious dark room.  Against the walls, standing on platforms were the models lit under warm spot lights. I was over joyed then overwhelmed – while trying to absorb in all the marvelous designs and wonders before my eyes!  Bravo Stacey Bendet! 

A2 A3 A4 A5 I usually forget to notice the makeup but the model’s eyes were glistening with pretty white sparkles.  It was a statement that was effortless and subtle.  Me likey!A6 Must I say how on point this pairing is?

A7 C4

Photography by Mr. Eric

After Mr. Eric got himself a pineapple cocktail(or two).  He enjoyed himself a little too much and must have forgotten about taking the rest of the photos. Luckily I’m a photo-whore and snapped all the looks I was obsessing over on my handy iPhone below.

1 Is this yellow clutch cute or what? I’m thinking about DIY-ing this!

2 Here’s another fun DIY idea for me! 3 4 I am obsessed this skirts this year! Long and short… I need! Oh and check the black slingback above! *dies*5So happy to see Andrea in NYC with me! She was walking in while I was walking out.  I adore this lovely lady.

xo Ann

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