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CZAR // New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 Collection


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CZAR // by Cesar Galindo

I’m  behind  NYFW post but so what right?! Here is a little something from my perspective of CZAR. CZAR is another show Mr. Eric and I came across at the Mercedez Benz Fashion Week tent. Eric and I were invited to cover the backstage followed by the show Monday morning. Running on a tight schedule, Mr. Eric and I decided to part ways. I made my way to the show room while Mr. Eric headed back stage.

My first show at MBFW was with Herve Leger which is a well recognized brand and more substantial in space and media coverage. The show was packed and it was difficult to appreciate the garments walking by between frantically trying to take a picture of the run way and trying to see around the crowd. CZAR was a nice change of venue. Cesar presented his clothing with standing models – which Mr. Eric and I prefer. It was nice to see his creations up close. The show to me was a mix between elegance and sci-fi. The faces of the models all glistened under the light while the backdrop had a airy ethereal ambience. The clothing magnificently flowed into the cool breeze set by fans from underneath. In the humid east coast weather… special fan effects are always appreciated! His collection definitely seemed to appeal to someone with a great appreciation in art. The pleating in his gowns definitely stood out to me.

C5 Designer: Cesar Galindo

Photography by Mr. Eric

Mr. Eric had the great opportunity to interviewed Cesar right before the show.  Base on what I was told, Cesar was very down to earth and so was the whole vibe backstage.  I was quit surprised to hear that considering how snooty the majority of the folks were.  I’m not passing judgment based on a preconceived notion; I actually talked to some of the people in line and “oh my” was my initial reaction.  Although I was feeling like fabulous Ann in my Valentino sling backs, all the women in line wanted to talk about were my designer and brand name labels.   When I started to ask other real life questions to a fellow attendee standing next to me, she started throwing “big” names at me of people I never heard of.  “You know.. so and so” she would go on and on… haha! I’m quite sure not everyone there is like that but that surely set the tone.

After the show I spotted Mr. Eric gleaming face outside the hall and from there I connected to earth.  He filled me in on the back stage fiasco and we were back to reality.  Overall, Mr. Eric and I was happy to experience fashion week regardless of snootiness, real or perceived.  It was different and new to us.  It was fun to experience in real life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Our next stop was to a showroom then Alice & Olivia which I covered HERE.

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