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Bubbly On The Edge


PD PD1 PD3 PD4 PD5I’m often a happy person with a bubbly personalty.  I prefer to smile over frowning and like to see the glass half full.  One misconception people who don’t understand or know me well enough is that I am just that.  I believe being misunderstood is something most of us can relate to.  Although I don’t mind people seeing me in a cheerful manner, there are times when I feel the exact opposite or have that “f–k off” attitude.

I put myself out there in the public eye and somehow unintentionally became a role model for younger girls.  That’s a big responsibility bestowed on me, but also an honor.  Peter Parker was once told, “With great power comes great responsibility.”  As a child I wished for a great role model and craved it badly.  Although I grew up with two older sisters, it was hell.  My sisters often left me out of their girl conversations and whenever I got excited about something, they stomped on my parade.  There were lots of negative influences from them and other people in my life. I would always secretly pray inside for the right answer to life.  If you are going through the same internal struggles, I know what you are going through.  In the end or currently I overcame it all- and at the same time I tried to share some of that positive influence onto my family.  They’re still working on it 😉

I have made numerous ridiculous life decisions and a kept going down the repetitive path to a brick wall.  I would consider myself a “bad girl gone good” rather than “good girl gone bad” for those who raised their eyebrows at me.  Every now and then Mr. Eric thinks I’m crazy.  Once in a while my naughty side wants to play but that is still part of who I am today.  My past definitely carved me and is still a part of me.  I feel as though in order for us to smile, we must cry.  To appreciate and enjoy life, we must experience hardship.  That makes the success even sweeter.



 Jumpsuit: Dorothy Perkins

Shoes: ZARA

Bag: Celine Phantom

Accessories: David Yurman Bracelet

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16 comments on “Bubbly On The Edge”

  1. This post was so nicely written. I’m glad you’ve grown from your childhood with a new and refreshing positive attitude. Sometimes being positive is hard, and negativity just seems so easy.
    “With great power comes great responsibility” – great quote!

  2. Thank you so much Ann, you always inspired me in every ways!! you are my number one favorite blogger!!! super thumbs up!!

  3. I’m SO glad that you shared this. I honestly feel like so many beauty/fashion gurus and bloggers act as if their life is perfect and it’s just no realistic! Even though their intentions are not to do that…but they wonder why people are always putting them on a high pedestal! That’s exactly why I can relate and respect you and your work. I’m so glad that you shared a bit of your past and your bad girl times! Because bad girls can definitely be good girls too :). I am surrounded by people who are very negative and that’s why I just learned today that I need to start praying throughout the day. Because it’s HARD to keep my mind positive when everyone else is telling me different.
    Thanks Anne! Please do more posts like this.

  4. I looooooooove this style! The neutral color really mellows out the bright royal blue pumps. You look gorgeous as usual! Love it!

  5. I love this outfit! You perfectly combine colors and everytime in every video I get inspired from the combinations you have used. Stunning fashion sense! You always look classy and simple, yet so eye-catchy and lovely! <3 Lots of love!

  6. That is such a good match with the white light brown and the blue just brings everything together 🙂

  7. An inspiration i will ALWAYS remember thankyou for your time and effort for us <3

  8. Hi Ann, I recently discovered your work in DIY. I really enjoy your videos, ideas, haul informations about the products you use and where you purchase them. Your DIY are really simple and easy to follow. You are so beautiful and sweet. Keep them videos and ideas coming.

  9. You are soooooo right!!!!!! lots of people think you are a good role model. MY and my friends think you are an amazing person! I also saw your draw your life video and I’m sorry for your loss

  10. Ann I have recently started watching your Youtube videos and I’m so glad I subscribed to your channel. You have given me a different perspective on life and I feel happier. You are a great role model! I have been through rough moments when there is a lot of negativity and it really just brings me down. I’m glad to know that you went through the same thing growing up. Plus you are my inspiration. My “big dream” when I grow up is to become a fashion designer and have a hobby as an artist. You have showed me that dreams can come true! Thank you!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing that blog. I feel the same way, except that I’m a middle child and it’s with older brothers, a younger sister, cousins and parents. I’m glad someone understands. 🙂

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