Four Great DIY Natural Beauty Tricks Using Mint



A famous writer once said, “It someone offers you a breath mint, accept it.”  While it’s true that mint can save you from embarrassment, mint has a rich history as a medicine and culinary superstar.  Today, I will show you four quick and easy DIY’s using mint for your outsides and insides!…


Mint was actually a favorite garden plant of the Egyptian pharaohs and the ancient Greeks!  Mint, whether you are referring to spearmint, peppermint, or any other variety of mint is a stimulating herb that is well known for its internal benefits.  It is also excellent as a key ingredient in skin care as well.  The aroma of mint is also relaxing and mind stimulating!  It is also such an easy herb to grow in a pot or in your backyard.  Only problem is if left unattended, it could spread like a weed.  Not that that is a bad thing =)


Let’s start with a simple let relaxing mint tea.  While relaxing and refreshing, this tea will also help if you have a tummy ache or indigestion.  All you need to do is bring one cup of water to a boil.  While waiting for the water to boil, put one tablespoon of fresh mint leaf into your cup.  Pour the boiling water over the mint leaf and let the flavor steep.  Add honey or sugar to taste or drink it as is.  A lot of people also like adding cooled mint tea to lemonade or to iced black tea to add a bit of flavor as well as a cooling effect.  Great summer drink!


Worshipping the sun a little too much?  Well, mint tea isn’t just for drinking, you can use unsweetened mint tea to relive sunburn pain.  Cool the mint tea in the fridge and then gently apply to the burned area with a cold compress washcloth.  The cooling effect of the mint oil is therapeutic and will help ease the pain of a sunburn.


Next, is your scalp drying out from the summer heat?  Need a rinse to banish dandruff?  Put a sprig of mint with a sprig of fresh rosemary into a jar of 8 ounces of cider vinegar.  Let is sit for a few days at room temperature to steep.  Use after shampooing and massage well into your scalp.  Rinse it off.  Repeat as needed.  A common question is if one could use common white vinegar.  It may work, but I haven’t tried it.  Also, apple cider vinegar is well known in the holistic health community as a multipurpose health product.  Apple cider vinegar is more potent then white vinegar and is also not as refined.   Try to get organic apple cider vinegar for the best results.


Finally, let’s look at a great skin care toner with mint!  Citrus Mint Toner that is perfect for oily and acne prone skin.  Because this citrus peels in it, it is also an anti septic and an astringent.  You will need:

3 Tablespoons of fresh mint leaves

Peel from 1 Orange

Peel from ½ Lemon(may skin sensitive to sunlight)

1 Cup Boiling Water

1 Tablespoon witch hazel

First step is to mash up the min leaf to release the oils and fragrance.  Then add the citrus peels.  Pour coiling water in and allow it to steep and cool down.  Next, strain out the solids.  Add the witch hazel and mix well.  Finally, pour it into a spray bottle.  The mint oils make it a cool and refreshing spray and the combination of the mint and citrus help to shrink your pores.  This is great for a daily night time routine!

Mint is such a versatile plant that is not only great for eating in foods or as a garnish.  There are a ton of uses for mint both for your insides and for your outsides.

Hope these DIY’s give you some ideas!  Don’t forget to tag me on instagram at @lifeannstyle if you make any of these DIY’s!  I would love to check them out!



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  1. These are great tips! I’m going to try the apple cider vinegar for my hair.


  2. Hi Ann! I love you blog/vlog. I have a question for you…how do you make your picture with the circle title? I can not figure out how to do this.

  3. I love tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I tried the lemon&honey facial it was sooooooo refreshing!!!!!!

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