Three Beauty Tips Using Lemon for Weight Loss, Skincare and Deodorant!


3 Beneficial Beauty DIY with Lemons TN

Hey guys!  I just moved to California and there are citrus trees everywhere!  Lookin at all the lemons inspired me to find a few great ways to utilize this sour fruit.  Today I want to share three little known beauty secrets with my favorite little citrus fruit!  Lemons are a wonder fruit that are not just great in Lemonade and Lemon Pie.  The nutritional and therapeutic properties in the lemon make it a versatile addition to everyone beauty supply list.  You really need to know about these beauty secrets….





Now that it is summer, it is important to stay hydrated with refreshing fluids.  When thinking of lemons, many of us think of lemonade, but just a spritz of lemon in water does wonders!  Water with lemon is a great way to start the day.  Besides giving your water a refreshing taste, did you know that this combination can help you lose weight?  The pectin fiber in lemon helps to suppress hunger through out the day and can help cut down on snacking.  Also, although the lemon is acidic, when the minerals breakdown in your digestive system, lemon water becomes alkalized and helps balance the pH(or acid levels) in your body.  Lemon water also will help your kidney flush out impurities in your system.  Who knew that lemons could be so good for you?  All you need to do is cut a slice of lemon, squeeze it into your water and then enjoy!



Lemons are also a great component in a DIY face mask!  Stop spending big bucks for store purchased masks!  This one is so simple.  Mix it with honey!  When I think of lemon and honey, I think of a soothing tea when I have a sore throat.  But the healing properties and antimicrobial properties of both the honey and lime make it an incredible face mask. Did you know the Egyptians used honey to keep their skin smooth and youthful?  This DIY mask will also help to absorb impurities from your pores.  Adding leon to it will help brighten, exfoliate and cleanse your skin.  All you need to do is mix the juice of half a lemon with 2 tablespoons of honey.  Organic or raw is best on both.  Mix till liquified.  Now, apply on a freshly washed face(also make sure your hair is tied back) and let it sit for 15-20 minutes.  Wash it off with warm water and enjoy the fresh feel your skin has!  I like to do this at night after I shower once or twice a week.



Ok, one more awesome use for lemon!  I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t blessed with rose smelling armpits.  For years, I have looked for natural deodorants and never really found anything I liked.  In over the counter deodorants, there are tons of weird and harmful chemicals that I don’t think I would like to have on my body like aluminum oxides and other words i can’t spell or pronounce.  When i learned of using lemon, it was an turning point for me.  I have used lemons on my arm pits for the past 3 years at the beginning of my day with great success.  The citric acid in the lemons helps to kill the odor killing bacteria and deodorize.  All you need to do is cut a slice of lemon, rub it in your pits, wipe off any excess pulp and go about your day!  As a side effect, it also helps to lighten your underarms as well!  Bonus!



As you can see, lemons are super versatile.  In a pinch, you can also use lime as it contains many of the same properties as lemon.  Now, before I finish up, I wanted to clear the air about lemons and skin discoloration as there are a lot of misconceptions and fear surrounding it.  Many believe that lemon/lime juice when applied on the skin will discolor your skin and make it more sensitive to the sun.  Actually, the compound in lemons and lime that does this is the oils in the skin of the fruit, not the juice.  The compound is called bergapten.  It is only present in the oil of the skin.  Here is a link to a scientific study in a major dermatology magazine about this:

It’s pretty crazy that many folks, even many dermatologists have this misconception.  Anyhow, if you plan on going outdoors when applying the lemon/lime, I recommend skinning the fruit with a knife first to eliminate the chance of getting the oils on your skin.  Enjoy your summer!










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  1. Thank you for clarifying the misconception. I was so scared. Ever since I
    found that lemon/lime has bergapten in them, I stopped using
    lemon/lime. I used to use them and I went in to the sun and I got burned
    spots all over my legs. Ever since you clarified it I am confidant in
    using it again. Now, I know what I did wrong. Before I usually use lime
    and I found out that while lemon has bergapten it’s oil and lime has it
    all over it’s fruit.

  2. Please don’t put lemon on your face. It is highly acidic and will screw up the PH levels of your skin (not good).

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