Painting London in Watercolors



Londontown was so charming and lovely.  I tried to take full advantage of the charming streets and architectural while in lovely London.  Here is my favorite blazer that I scooped up amongst the multitude of blazers on the Zara sales rack(I love Zara).  This was truly a treasure.  I had another floral blazer worn in my early summer styling video on Youtube however the texture, fabric, and watercolor prints on this piece plays a beautiful role in the construction.  So how did I pair it up…..?

I paired my jacket with my distressed denim boyfriend shorts to relax the mood and give a street appeal. Lastly the vibrant royal blue heels balance from up top to add that lady like approach I always liked to go for.

Ughh… I miss you London and your delicious chocolate too!!!  The rest of the food?  Not so much.  While I was there I felt like like I wanted to capture every corner as a photo. Such a charming city filled with history.

E C B I miss you London Chocolate.




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