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Hi lovelies!  The other day, I was shopping at my local TJ Maxx and saw these cute chalkboard labeled items at the store.  It looked like such a cute way to organize and label all of the items in my craft room.  After looking at them, I thought to myself, gosh, i can make these myself!  So in an effort to cut down on clutter and buying new stuff I figured out how to do it!  This technique is perfect for reusing cute jars, vases or containers and repurposing them into something functional!  Lets get started on this DIY shall we?….




Ok, so first, you need to gather up a few containers that you would like to apply this label technique to.  This works great on any surface like wood, plastic, etc, but I thought it looked extra cute on glass containers.  However, don’t let that limit you!  I can see using this technique on labeling up drawers, storage cabinets in the garage for the significant other etc.  Once you decide what you are going to use, I recommend hand washing the item with dish soap and then wiping the area you are going to paint with rubbing alcohol.



Next, are the supplies.  I purchased a bottle of rubbing alcohol to use to clean the surface we are painting as well as a can of Krylon chalkboard paint.  You can pick up this spray paint at any hardware store or craft store.



For the label stencil you will need contact paper.  This is commonly used to line the bottom of kitchen cabinets.  You will also need a sharpie marker, masking tape and scissors.



Ok, so lets get started on the pattern.  To get a nice symmetrical pattern, fold a piece of contact paper in half and  draw in half your design on the fold line.  Cut out the pattern and then unfold the contact paper.  You don’t need a symmetrical pattern, get creative and have fun with it!



Ok, after cutting out the pattern, peel off the backing paper and apply the template to the item you are painting.  Make sure to seal the edges of the template by pressing them down.  This will ensure crisp clean paint lines.



Ok, after applying the template, make sure to mask the rest of the item to prevent overspray or paint from getting into unwanted areas.  Make sure to shake your spray can well and then apply the paint in nice even passes. 7


After the paint dries up, go ahead and peel off the templates.  I like waiting 24hrs. 8


If you end up with some overspray or lines that need to be cleaned up, use a bit of nail polish remover and a q-tip or cotton balls to clean it off. 9 Once complete, draw on your newly labeled storage containers with chalk and start organizing!



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  1. Does the alcohol have to be 91 percent or can it be 70 percent? Also, after you put on the chalkboard paint is the jar washable? Thanks Ann

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