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Summer is finally here and it’s time to worship the sun again!  But with all the heat and sun, your hair and skin needs a little pick me up from time to time, so I made a great DIY body spray and conditioning hair mask spray.  This is such an easy DIY to do!  Let’s get started shall we?


Ok, first, you will need to get some materials and supplies.


For the body spray, you will need:

Distilled Water: We are using distilled water as it does not contain any contaminates and is stable for storage.  You can source this at your local supermarket.  Purified water also works well in a pinch.

Lemon or Lime Juice: I love using lemon juice as it works as a deodorizer as well as an antiseptic for a clean crisp feel.  If your skin is hypersensitive to sunlight, do not use the citrus fruit but grab a handful of mint leaves instead for a similar cooling and deodorizing effect.

Witch Hazel Oil: This oil is great to use as both a preservative as well as sooths sunburns and helps against blemishes on the skin.  You can source this from your local drug store.

Tea Tree Oil: This is a natural astringent and great for blemishes but is also fantastic for sunburns and as a bonus, works as a insect repellant for those pesky beach flies.  You may not be able to find this locally in a health food store.  If not, you can also purchase it online.

Optional: If you cannot source tea tree oil, you can use other essential oils like Lavender or Almond oil to a similiar result.

2 You will also need some spray bottles.  You can buy them from the dollar store or recycle old hair spray bottles.  Finally, a container to mix it all in as well as a funnel to pour the mix into the bottles.

3 First step is to pour in the distilled water.  Again, in a pinch, you can use purified water.  I recommend pouring in half to three quarters of the spray bottle with water as this is the main base.

4 Next, squeeze the juice of one lime or lemon into the water.  Now, if you are photosensitive or are concerned with the citric acid potentially discoloring skin(it wont at these concentrations and when applied as a mist as opposed to directly on your skin) then you should use mint leaf.  Grab a handful of mint leaf, smash them up with a mortar and pestle or just tear them up finely with your hands and allow them to soak in the distilled water.  Then strain out the chunks.  The resulting minty water will have a similar deodorizing and cooling effect on your skin.  The component in citrus fruits that can lighten your skin is the citric acid and the oils in the citrus skin.  At full strength the citric acid will sensitize your skin and can cause skin reactions under sunlight.  However, when heavily diluted and sprayed so there is a very tiny concentration, it should have no effect on your skin tone.  On the oils of the citrus, there are scientific studies that this is the main active ingredient in making skin hyper sensitive to the sun, so after learning that, I recommend peeling the lemon/lime first before juicing.  I have tested it myself and on my hubby with no issue, but every one has a different skin type, so test it yourself.

5 Next, add in the tea tree oil. I normally only put in a few drops of the stuff as this stuff is potent.  For my 4fl oz container, I put in maybe 10 drops of the oil.  If you don’t have tea tree oil, you can substitute in another essential oil.  Other therapeutic oils for sun burns and hot skin are almond and lavender.  Some of your subscribers have used coconut oil as well.

7 Ok, now fill the rest of the bottle up with the witch hazel.  The witch hazel does contain a little bit of alcohol.  When you spray it on, the rapid evaporation of the alcohol will enhance the cooling sensation.

8 Cap it up, shake it up and try it out!  I like leaving my spray in the cooler so when i’m at the beach I can spray it on cold.  So refreshing!  Makes a great hot summer night invigorator as well!

Ok, lets make the spray on hair mask!

C1 Just like with the body spray, I like to use a base of distilled water.  Fill up the container half or three quarters of the way full.

C2 Next, take your neglected hair mask and dollop it into the spray container.  I love hair mask, but I get too lazy to apply it at times.  This spray makes it super convenient.

C3 Cap it up, shake it up and use it!  If the mix is too thick, add more water.  Bring it to the beach and spray it on after swimming in the saltwater.  Your hair will thank you later!












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  1. Hi Ann. First of all, I love ur products! I was wondering, wouldn’t lime increase your chance of getting tan and sun burn. I believe lime and lemon has a property that makes your skin photosensitive.

  2. hey ann!
    i wuz just wondering, u mentioned that u need some kind of hairconditioner or mask that is thick…… is it ok if i use coconut oil? i usually use it as a conditioner most ov the time.

  3. Hi Ann , first of all you are amazing. I love all your DIY videos.
    but I couldn’t find witch hazel oil in my country. So, can you tell me if I can find it in . If so, can you give me the best brand for it.

    Thank you so much for your care …

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