DIY Magnetic Memo Board & Starfish Magnets: Perfect for Home Organization



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Hello lovelies!  I came across this super cute way to recycle old baking trays and make a personalized magnetic memo board.  I thought it was such a great idea to help organize and consolidate notes and to-do’s into a quick and easy DIY.  This is a great home decor and organization DIY.  Let’s get started with this, shall we?



Ok, so for this project, you will need some supplies for the tray itself.  I will show you how to make the magnets out of sculpty clay later.  First you will need rubbing alcohol.  You will need this to clean the surface of your baking tray.  If you are using a used baking tray, you want to make sure to throughly clean your tray with dish soap or a degreaser.  Next, you will need primer paint and a top coat color.  Choose a top coat color that will coordinate with the rest of the decor in your room!  Next, you will need magnets.  I picked these up from the local hardware store.  Last but not least, you will need baking trays!  I got this from the local dollar store!  You can also recycle old ones as well for a neat upcycle DIY!



Ok, for the first step, start by washing off your baking tray with soap and water, then a good rubbing alcohol wipe.  You want to make sure your surface is nicely prepared or your paint won’t stick and your finish will end up funky.  After prepping, prime your tray. Primer is important as it will give your finish paint a good clean surface to stick to and also it helps to make your colors pop!






After letting your primer dry, it is time to put on a top coat.  Spray it nice and evenly.  I recommend doing multiple light layers as opposed to one heavy coat.  I like doing 3 layers of paint in total.  After spraying each one, give it ample time to set and dry.


Ok, it’s time to make the starfish magnets!  I didn’t want dead starfish hanging on my wall, so I decided to make my own for that cute beach look.  To make sun bleached starfish, I used white sculpey clay.  Start by kneading the clay and then shape it into the starfish shape.  To get the texture of the starfish, used the serrated edge of my butter knife and dimpled the surface.  After that, I baked the pieces to harden them.   5 6

Once the starfish cooled, i used craft glue to attach magnets to the starfish.  Volia!  Sun bleached starfish!   7

Next, I will be making a recipe board!  I love clipping great recipes from magazines but the clippings alway end up anywhere but the kitchen.  Finally got a cute place to put them!  To go with the kitchen, I wanted to make my recipe board have a baking theme since I loooove baked goods.  I made cupcakes for my magnets.  To make the cupcakes, start with a little cardboard.  The cardboard will serve as the base for your magnets and give sturdiness to the colorful paper.  Make the base out of a neat printed paper and the top and frosting out of a bright solid color paper.  Glue it to the cardboard, let it dry and then hot glue it to the magnet. 8

You can take this idea and make it any theme you like.  Little Vincent made a cute travel themed one because he loves going on vacation.


To hang the board, all you need is double sided tape since the overall weight isn’t heavy enough to justify using nails.

Be creative and have fun with this!




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  1. I absoulutley luv your ideas but im in middle school so i dont have those things and i dont have a car so can u make something that i may find around my house THX

  2. I LOVE THIS VIDEO!! How do you get a lot of ideas?You are just so awesome.I LOVE YOU. 😀

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