DIY Flower Throw Pillow: Just In Time for Summer!



Today we are going to make cute flower throw pillows!  This is a super easy, no sew project to put some summer in your home décor!  I was inspired to make this from an etsy seller.  Her link is below if you are not feeling crafty.  The materials needed are very inexpensive and with some creative use of color, you can really put a pop of color into your home or room!  Ok, lets get started, shall we?


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Ok, you are going to need a yard of colorful felt fabric.  You can get super crafty and use multiple colors if you want.  You will also need hot glue sticks as well as throw pillows.  I used a pair of cheap throw pillows from IKEA that cost $5 each.  I also decided to cover my pillows with some neat patterned fabric, but that step is optional and is not covered in this post.  For tool, you will need a handy dandy hot glue gun, scissors to cut out the felt and the petal template, that you can download here.


First print out or draw the template from my blog.  Cut the templates out and use them as your guide to cutting out your petals.  They should print on a 8.5×11 sheet of A4 paper for the right size, but don’t worry if it dosen’t.  As long as the petals are cut to scale, you will end up with a similar end result.


Ok, lets start by cutting out the petals.  When you cut them out, to save fabric, flip the template around between right side up and upside down.  I cut out nine of the large petals, six of the medium and 10 of the little ones.  You don’t have to cut out the same amount, this is just what I felt worked for me.  Get creative!  You can also do one set in one color and another set in a different color to make it super vibrant.  After cutting them out, put the medium and large petals to the side.  We are going to start making the inner flower.


Ok, start with a small triangle. 5

Then, curl in the bottom tips in on themselves to form a cone.   6

Flip your cone around and then fold the tip in on itself and holt glue it to the body. 7 8

Repeat this three times and trim off any excess felt.  Then, stack them on each other to form a tulip like cup.  Glue the bases of each petal to each other.  Starting to look like a flower! 9


Now, repeat the steps above to make the inner flower, except make a tighter cone and trim the petal down smaller for the inner petal.  Glue it to the base and then make one even smaller, trim it down and glue it in.  Looks like a tulip right?  Ok, lets start building out the other petals. 10

Take another small petal and put two dabs of glue in and then cinch in the sides like so.  Doing this will give additional volume and texture of the petals.  Make four of these.  Now, one by one, glue the petal to the flower base wrapping around the whole petal to the cup.   11

Ok, now, time to use the medium petals.  Repeat the step from above with the two dots of glue, then pinch in the sides for volume.  Glue them around the flower like with the small petals.  Make sure to wrap them around the flower cup for texture and volume. 12

Finally, take the large petals and with the same technique of two glue dots then pinch, repeat the pattern. 13


After making the petals, glue them around the flower like with the smaller petals.  Flip your creation right side up and admire you cool new flower!

Your finished flower can be used for more then just pillows!  These would make great centerpieces, or even really cute wall art!  You can either pin or hot glue this to your pillow depending if you want it to be permanent or not.  Enjoy!



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  1. Hi ! I’d like to try this but I don’t have a hot glue gun and don’t plan on getting one. Can I use fabric glue instead ?

  2. Hi Ann,

    Great tutorial I have all the materials and I am excited to make these throw pillows . But I don’t know how to put the fabric on the pillows . Did you sew them ? Can you please let me know how you put the fabric on the pillows ?

    Thank you 🙂

    Andria Bennett

    1. I’d say to make a pillow case by sew 3 sides together of the two squares of fabric then hemming the edge. 🙂

  3. Hi Ann I could not find the templates for the flower petals. I was hoping you could lead me to the right direction. I have one question can you sew the flower together instead of hot glueing it?

  4. wow! i just started watching you on youtube and you’re AMAZING! and so creative thanks for those diy’s please continue 😀

  5. Thank you soo much! I LOVE this pillow!! I used cotton fabric and cut double the petals the sewed them and turned them inside out. I got two fabric quarters for 97 cents for the petals and another two for the pillow itself. I made the entire thing for $5 total! 🙂 LOVE it! Thank you!

  6. I love this tutorial so much. Thank you. To Raihaanah, go back up to the instructions and you will see flower templates underlined, click on there. I had a hard time figuring it out too. Good luck with your pillow.

  7. I saw that ettsay store! i love the pillow case for the yellow flower and the pink flower those are my fav colors

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