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Hi lovelies! I have been wanting to make this clear purse since last year but I never had the chance to. I have seen these purses sold online for over $40 and though to myself, I could make this!  This is a super chic trend that allows you to further accessorize your outfit with the stuff in your purse.  I love the ability to show off the colorful items in my purse  Now keep in mind, some may think that this makes you a target for theft, but that’s ridiculous as it is always down to the street smarts of the person, not the items in your purse.  This is also a handy DIY for those of you that work in government jobs where clear purses are required for security.

This DIY is pretty easy to do.  I spent a few hours perfecting the pattern to make sure it is easy to do for a weekend project!  Let’s get started!


Ok, first, here is the pattern.  There are three parts/pages.  Page A and B are the main pattern pieces.  Part A is the top and Part B is the bottom.  The third page is what the pattern looks like put together.  Print the first two pages on two A4 standard sized letter pages.  Eric and I spent a ton of time on these patterns, so I hope you like them!

Click the link below for a PDF template for this project




Ok, next is materials.  The main body of the purse is made of this clear vinyl.  Strangely enough, I purchased my sheet at Walmart.  This was in the fabric section.  You can also order this online or purchase in a local craft/fabric store.  Get the thickest material they have.  It is twice the thickness of a shower curtain.  You can also see it labeled as “marine clear vinyl.”  I guess they use this on boats and convertibles for the windows.

2 3

Next, you will need some hardware to put the purse together.  You will need a length of chain if you are making a crossbody.  I purchased a length from the local hardware store.  I find that the hardware store chain is more durable and better quality then the stuff in the craft store.  You will also need eyelets.  The eyelets are used for where the chain connects with the purse to reinforce the material and prevent ripping or tearing.  Next, you will need jump rings.  The jump rings are used to connect the chain to the eyelets.  Finally, you will need to find a suitable closure.  The closure serves two roles, one to keep the purse body together and next to keep your stuff inside =)  I used heavy duty snaps that you normally see on backpacks, jeans etc.
Snap Tools


Ok, so lets first start by printing the pattern.  The pattern is half of a completed pattern.  After taping part A and part B together, trim and cut off the excess paper.  Trace the pattern onto the vinyl, then flip your pattern and trace the other side.  Use a straight edge to clean up your lines and make them crisp. 5 6

After your pattern has been traced and your likes are crisp, punch the holes that are notated on the pattern through the vinyl.  These holes are used to locate your closure and eyelets.  Next, cut out the vinyl.  Take your time and use a sharp set of scissors.  You want clean straight edges.   7

Now that you have cut out the vinyl, keep note of the top and bottom of the material.  Keep in mind that the bottom flap is the largest flap and the top will be slightly smaller.  The side flaps are the two small wings.  Fold in the side wings and then fold the bottom flap in on top of the side wings.  This will be the basic design of the purse. 8 9_1

Next is time to put on  the closures.  These closures will keep the purse together.  Ok, line up the holes you punched in earlier and start with the bottom clasp.  Each piece of the closure is two pieces.  A base and a cap.  The base will kind of look like a mushroom.  Put the base inside of the purse and then place the cap on top.  Use your tool and strike the center of the base.  This will open up the inner pin and keep it all together.   9 10

Repeat this on the other side.  make sure your holes are where you want then then pop in the bottom and top of the closure. 11 12

After doing then, time to do the top buttons.  These buttons will go on the top flap of the purse and will serve as the closure for the entire purse. 13

After putting the closures completely in, it’s time to put the eyelets in.  These are similar to the closures on how you put them in. 14 15

I chose to use jump rings to connect the chain to my bag.  I did this are hardware store chain is much stronger then craft store stuff.  It is easier to open a jump ring then the chain.  Open up the jump ring and on one end put your chain and the other the eyelet of the purse.  Close it up and repeat on the other side. 16

Then, I made some caps out of polymer oven bake clay, to cover my buttons and give it a finished look.  Once complete, you can show the world you previously hidden accessories.  Be smart and don’t leave your tampons or cash exposed or you may get a few unwanted looks =)  Once you get the hang of the pattern, you can make this purse any side that you want!

That is pretty much it! I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial!  If you make it, please please tag me on Instagram @lifeannstyle!





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  1. I really wanted to try this one but i didn’t have time to buy the materials T_T maybe i can try next summer…

  2. On top of the Vinyl Picture, it will say “See Through Pattern” click on that and then it will show 3 pages of the pattern, print those out!
    Page 2-3 will be the one you will be using as your stencil, tape those two together. Page 1 just kind of shows you a smaller version of the other two pages put together. Hope this helps =)

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