DIY Cute Bow Rings & Mustache Necklace Pendant




Hello Again! Are you guys ready to play with some clay today? Today we are making cute and colorful bow rings and a mustache ring and necklace combo.  I had a lot of fun making these and they all turned out so pretty.  This is such an easy DIY and great to get the kids involved.  Let’s get started shall we?


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Polymer Oven Baked Clay

Optional Acrylic paint for coloring (I used nail polish but I heard from some of my followers that nail polish will eat away the clay over time)

Gloss Varnish coating

Ring Base (for rings)

Jump rings (for necklace pendant)


Knife (plastic will do) and something to roll the clay





Step 1: Cut out 1/3 of your clay and knead the clay to soften it up.  Roll it into a ball, then a barrel shape that is as wide as your 3 fingers.  Make the ends a little more narrow than the center.


Step 2: Roll and flatten the barrel to create a oval-like ribbon.  Do not make it too too thin.  You want it thick enough to maintain it’s shape.


Step 3: Press the sides in.



Step 4: Cinch in the center with something flat and small, then press the top and bottom of your clay ribbon inward.


Step 5: Take out a little chunk of clay and create a thin strip of ribbon.


Step 6: Wrap it around your bow and snip off the extra!

Voila!  That was pretty easy!




Step 1: Repeat the same 1st step of the bow. Create a flat surface with the clay.


Step 2: Cut or draw out this template and lay it on your clay surface.


Step 3: Cut around the mustache template and then soften the edges with your fingers.


Step 4: Make holes where you like the pendant to hang.


Time to Bake the clay!!!

Every brand is created differently.  Bake your clay according to the instruction on your package.  Do not overheat.  Each polymer clay brand needs a different temperature to bake and harden.  Be sure to read the instructions properly.  You can use your home oven or toaster oven to bake the clay if you are going to do this every now and then.  However, if you want to use this on a regular basis, I recommend getting a dedicated stove.  The clay is non toxic, but when baking, can let off a smell.  Be sure to ventilate the kitchen when baking!

Once it’s done, let it set for an hour before decorating or painting your bows and mustaches.

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Decorate then add a gloss finish on top!




Video Tutorial:

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  1. OMG I just started polymer clay a month ago and I subbed to you 5 months ago, and im sooooo happy you made this! if you need help with polymer clay, im the one to ask 😉

      1. Yes you can. I prefer the toaster oven but other people prefer the big oven with the stove on top (I forgot what its called lol)

  2. my clay brand is FIMO and I heard that it can let some toxic evaportion, but im not sure… :-/ may i bake it in my normal gaz oven???

  3. I am always trying to use polymer clay. I have been using it for AGES and this is a nice, easy tutorial! Thanks ;D

    Oh and btw, I LOVE your diys! they are so amazing! I am only 12 and I am getting more and more creative so thanks 🙂

  4. What glue is that? U didn’t list it in the materials…….thumbs up darling, nice DIY. I love

  5. i wish i could make those rings :/ but i don’t think that these clays or the base rings are sold in my country 🙁

  6. i really want to make this but i don’t have polymer clay ……can i use modeling clay ???

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