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DIY Bunny Ears Scrunchies {TopShop}



Hi Everyone!

Easter is in a week and I thought this is the perfect time to teach you how to make Bunny Ears scrunchies.  Aren’t they adorable? I saw something like this from TopShop and they were sold for $8/each and they only came in 2 colors!  Today you’re going to learn how to make these Bunny Scrunchies, customize them however you like, and make as many as you please!  So let’s get started shall we?





You will need some fabric. Here’s a time to repurpose your old clothes and scrap fabric.  If you want to buy new fabric, you will only need 1/8 a yard. You will also need ¼” thick elastic.



Step 1: Cut a 18 x 3 inch rectangle. After cutting it, fold it the length wise and pin (wrong sides facing out).


Step 2: Cut another rectangle that’s 12 x 5 inch (Wrong sides facing out).


Step 3: Fold it twice. First from bottom up (wrong sides facing out), and the second time from left to the right.

6 7 8

Step 4: Draw your ears.  I like to draw something that looks like a leaf.  Make it pointy up top, wide in the center, and curve it in as you come to the center of the fold.  Once it’s it’s opened, you should come out with an hour glass shape like mine’s.



Step 5: Fold the ears in half the length wise, pin it down.

Step 6: Sew the scrunchie tube from one end to the other.  Next, sew the ears together, but leave a 1 inch opening in the center so you can turn it inside out.  Use a .25″ Seam allowance.  If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can use permanent fabric glue.  I like using Eileens fabric glue.




Step 6: Turn both pieces inside out and press it flat with a hot iron.

13 14 15 16

Step 7: Cut a 9 inch piece of elastic and insert it through the scrunchie tube.  I like to use a safety pin as a anchor.  Once you get the elastic through, tie it tightly together.

17 18

Step 8: Sew over the opening on the scrunchie and over the elastic band as well.  Also remember to sew the bunny ear opening closed as well.

19 20


Step 9: Take your bunny ear piece and tie it over the stitching.  Congratulation!  You’re all done! Enjoy you new cute scrunchie and remember to share all my DIYs with your friends!  I would greatly appreciate it! Happy Hopping!







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  1. <3 I am in love with these bunny ear scrunchies! I stumbled across your tutorial after I Googled how to make the bunny headband ones, actually. Haha, I'm so happy to have stumbled across this because hair ties would probably be a better thing to make for the Summer~ Thank you for this super simple tutorial!

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