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I feel like I just came back from the dead.  These past few weeks have been the gloomiest days of my life.  Living in New England, I developed aversion toward winter.  In the last week, we got hit by a gigantic storm “NEMO” with over two feet of snow! To top it off, I caught my son’s flu and was out sick for almost 2 weeks! Not fun at all. It was the most depressing 2 weeks I can think of.  Urgh..!

I am just ecstatic that is all done and over with.  On a positive note, I have this fun DIY project for those crazy candle collectors like myself here!  Every time there is a Bath & Body Works sale, I stock up!  Every night is a new scent for me.  Burning a candle can be therapeutic  and very calming; that is why I love candles so much.  If you are like me, you probably have a bunch of used up glass candle jars in the closet.  So what to do when you’re finish burning them?  Here are some awesome ideas below!

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You can remove the wax pucks by placing the candle in the freezer.  Freezing the wax will cause the wax to shrink and you can easily pop out the wax puck.  Next, clean the glass with a dish soap and warm water to remove all the waxy residue, especially on the outside of the jar.  You want a clean and oil free surface for the glue.

All you have to do here is line up the jars forming a pyramid.  Where the jars touch is where you will need to bond them together with glue.  You can use a high performance glue gun and glue sticks for this, E6000, Goop, or many other glue suitable for glass surfaces.  Make a little mark where you will bond the jars with a little glue- then place a line of glue between the jars and then press the jars together.  If you’re using hot glue, make sure to immediately bond the jars together, otherwise it will not be as effective.  Repeat this on all the jars till you finish the pyramid.

Beautiful! This will look so lovely on your vanity, desk, or bathroom!

Here’s another super simple and fantastic idea that will instantly makeover your bathroom!  I found some cute little ceramic birdies from Michael’s Craft store but you can use decorative door knobs or anything little and cute.  Be creative!  All you have to do is clean the surface or your candle jar lid and glue the cute decoration to the lid. That’s it!  This is super pretty and practical too. It makes accessing my cotton balls and Qtips alot more convenient and keeps the lid from sliding off.

I’m so in love with my new toiletry containers!

Lastly is another great way to repurpose your jars and extent the life of your makeup brushes.  I used Epson salt which is super cheap at my local pharmacy.  All I did was add flood coloring to create a gradient effect.  I then dropped in some essential oils to made it into a room freshener, then filled my jars with my makeup brushes.  Not only does it freshen my room but it’s a brush holder!

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40 comments on “DIY: Repurposed Candle Jar Storage”

  1. To get the wax out of the jars, just freeze the jars. The wax will pop our with a butter knife. I do soak to remove the soot, remaining wax and all the labels from the outside. Then put in the dishwasher. I am lazy.

  2. What a brilliant idea to freeze the remaining candle wax. I always let it sit on my back burner with the oven on and wait for it to melt and the dump it out. Freezing sounds so much easier and SO much less messy!! Thanks for the idea!
    And I LOVE those little birds!! So cute!

  3. I love this!!! I will most definitely be doing it. I also wish to express that I appreciate you doing a video tutorial. Many persons present DIY ideas that are difficult to recreate; the video helps tremendously.

  4. does anyone know where to buy jars like this for cheap cant afford twenty dollar candles:( thanks really want to make this for our bathroom instead of using old glass cups with no lids please help thanks

  5. If you put the jars in the freezer for about thirty minutes the was will pop right out!! no melting needed!!!

  6. Love this idea, I knew I didn’t have to dispose all my old candle jars !!! I put the remaining wax in a wax warmer to make the most of it. Thanks for sharing !

  7. When I only have a small amount left in my candles, I also place jar in hot water to remove the wax. But I take the wax, let it cool, I break into pieces, and use in my electric candle burner. I love it

  8. Thank you, Ann, for sharing such simple DIYs and they are so very useful! Keep on creating! I am certainly to use your DIY for the little bird holders!

  9. Wow! I just love this idea! simple and yet beautiful. Yes, we have a few B&BW candle jars, lol. I will pin it and share it with friends.

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