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Hi Everyone!

So here’s a new sweet Valentine’s DIY for you.  Today we are making a deep moisturizing whipped body butter cream! While I was making this, my whole house smells like butter frosting. I find it quite satisfying to smell something so yummy without the guilt of actually eating it.

This is a recipe I have been using on my dry feet, elbows, and legs.  It’s natural, light weight, stays moisturized, without feeling icky like my Burt’s Bee foot mask.   I used this on my feet every night. This recipe is super simple to makeand consists of all natural ingredients (minus the butter crème scent).   The best part about this Do-it-yourself, is that you get to control what’s in your moisturizer.

So let’s get started shall we?


If you have any empty candle containers, here’s a great way to recycle them. You can also find cute containers in craft stores like Michaels.

For utensils, you will need: Blender, mixing bowl, large pyrex cup, and table spoon

The Basic ingredients to this easy recipe are natural butters and oils.

Organic Mango, Shea, Almond, and cocoa butters are some of my favorites to use.  They carry many great beneficial properties.  These butters & oils can help fade away scars, and renew, repair, and heal other skin irritations.  Some of these butters are also naturally packed with Vitamin E, which helps restores the skin to feeling and looking a lot smoother. Some of my favorite raw organic oils to use are Coconut,  Jojoba, sweet almond, and extra virgin olive oils.

All Butters were purchased online and cost me around $25.00 total.  I was able to make many massage bars and 5 jars of this moisturizer.

*The oils can be found in super markets and the natural butters are easily found online, links are provided on my blog at

This Butter Creme scented oil is optional.  You can pretty much make your moisturizer any scent you prefer.

You can buy this Butter Creme fragrance oil HERE

Okay… You will need 4 cups of natural butters.  You can use between 1-3 types.  I am using cocoa, mango, and shea.  I basically broke my measurements up into thirds.

Then you will need 3-4 table spoon oil.  I’m using organic extra virgin olive and coconut oil.  I basically poured in 2 tablespoon of each.

  • olive oil is very rich, therefore be careful not to pour too much.  It gives a nice sheen to the skin but can look greasy if you use too much.


Once everything is in your cup, heat it up in a double boiler until your butter is fully melted.


Once everything is melted and mixed, pour the liquid into a mixing bowl and leave it to set.  I brought mine outside since it was cold enough to solidify the oils and cut the cooling process in half.

Check on your mixture every ½ hour as it cools.  Once you get a thick creamy look, test it out by pushing your finger into it.  If your finger sinks into the mix easily, than it’s time to mix it up with a blender.

*If the mix is still liquid-y… let it sit for another 15-30 minutes.  If it’s too hard than warm it up again.  You dont want it rock hard, but the consistency of thick frosting.

Keep mixing and beating air into your mix. You want it to look like fluffy and whipped crème.

To add a cute and personal touch, I went to staples and printed out some photos I found online, cut them out and glued them onto my jars! They came out exactly how I wanted them to look!!!

Now it’s time to put the body whipped crème into the jar

There are a few ways you can do this.  To keep it fluffy, you can put it into a zip block bag then squeeze it into the jar like frosting.  You can also just spoon it in and flatten the top, or give it texture like this and add in some fun hearts.

The mini hearts are made of half natural cocoa butter and half soy food grade wax, melted together with some red food coloring and then poured into a candy mold.

Life TIme: These butters are naturally packed with antioxidants, which also provides natural preservatives and makes them last a very long time.  I’ve made mine’s since last winter and it stills smells and looked new.  If you’re weary of this, you can make enough to last you 90 days and make a new batch once you’re done!

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    1. Hello all,

      I’m Chi , I’m from VietNam, I do like this cream, but I’m living in VietNam. Could you pls show me how can I get these butter while I’m living in VietNam? Can I book them then they wil ship to Vietnam to me?
      Hope you pls help me to get the information
      Pls help to send the inf through the mail :
      Thank you for all. Thank you very much

    1. i put mine on the hottest it could be and then when it started to over boil, i turned it down to low 🙂

  1. i’m curious to know the texture of the finished butter on your skin. I’ve had trouble with creams coming out oily or greasy.

  2. Can you use the body butter on Bath bomb cupcakes and will it harden? Trying to find a frosting recipe that doesn’t use sugar.

  3. A really good 1 ingredient moisturizer is cooconut oil and just whip it till fluffy and apply. You store it in a fridge. Good Luck.

  4. I’m late to this post, but I found it and I thought it would be a great Christmas gift! Do you think you can link the website where you bought the butters? That would be really helpful! By the way, I absolutely your blog!

  5. I tried to make this body butter 7 times now, I follow the recipe to the letter, but after I whip the body butter, it’s soft and fluffy for a about a day, then it turns super hard. What am I doing wrong?

    1. I was having that same problem. I’m not sure why it does that. I would suggest not melting it down, I’ve made a similar body butter before but didn’t freeze just blended it my food processor and it turns out smooth. I would suggest melting the coconut oil down it help it blend smoothly. Hope this helps!

  6. I think that you should determine the weight of each type of butter, because different mixtures can not achieve the best results.

  7. Could you microwave it instead of boiling it? The reason I ask is that I noticed you microwaved the wax for the candles, I was wondering if it is possible to do that here as well? Love your DIYs

  8. The best way if u want to visibly see how people make this awesome go to U-Tube and u can visually see how its made. Just food for they also sometimes will show u where they buy everything with links. There is links with pics where she bought all her butters if u look at bottom left at bottom of recipe pics.

    1. It really depends not he size of your jar. I suggest you cut the amount in half and find a jar suitable for the amount 🙂

  9. I have the same problem with it going hard after day one. Any ideas how to rectify it? Don’t want to waste all the ingrediants 🙁 thanks in advance.

    Oh and I added orange essential oil and it smells like chocolate Orange. 🙂

    1. Add in more natural oil like virgin olive or coconut oil. If you live in a colder climate it will most likely happen because it’s natural butter. Use softer butter like almond or shea.

  10. I have heard about your whipped cream and really want to try that. However i am not familiar with those natural butters. I do not know which one to buy from Amazon since many sellers selling one thing. i am worry if i pick the bad seller with low quality butter.

    Did you buy those butters from the links you mentioned above? If Not, can you recommend some links or sellers from where I can buy good Shae, cocoa, n mango butter.

    Thank you very much.

  11. For the fragrance oil, can i substitute it with one of the yankee candle home fragrance oil? or can i substitute is with any fragrance oil (the one for candle)

  12. read your posts , but you would love to have a little question about the ratio between the butter you sir . She has asked me who ‘s the kind of butter is how to please. hope to hear soon of you sir

  13. Hello, thanks for the recipe, it’s great. But my mom don’t like cocoa butter’s smell so can you tell me that if I can replace it with another butters?? (sorry for my bad english)

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