DIY Cute Flower Heart Pillowcase (No Sewing)



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Sorry for this late post guys. Eric usually helps me with my blog posting so I can handle things on the youtube side, however February is always a super busy month for us.  He runs a  Accountant/financial business on the side and right around now is peak season. I used you help him manage the business.  Now that my blog and youtube channel has been picking up momentum, I can invest my time into something I actually enjoyed.

With that being said, I have a cute home decorating tutorial for you!  We will be making cute Flower hearts and a easy twisty pillowcase.  So lets get started with this!

Materials: 1 yard of felt and fabric or glue gun.

Step 1: Cut out 5 x 5 squares, you can actually make these any size.  I’ve made my flowers big and small.


Step 2: You can draw out the spirals or just cut it out as you go.  I like to make 2-3 all in one time

Step 3: Starting with the inside, wrap the spiral around forming a flower.  Then glue the ends in.

Step 4: Cut out a felt heart as your base.

Step 5: Glue each bottom of the flowers onto your felt heart.

Step 6: Once everything is dried, glue the heart onto your pillowcase.


Easy Twist Pillowcase

You will need enough fabric to wrap and cover your pillow.  The size of your fabric depends on the size of your pillow.

Step 1: Center your pillow on the fabric.  Fold in the short edges and leave the longer sides on the left and right of you.

Step 2: Twist and tuck in the ends!

Super Easy!!!

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