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Have you looked into your jewelry box to find a great necklace to top off your outfit only to find a huge ball of tangled jewelry?  Do you have a lot of statement necklaces that you just can’t figure out a way to display and organize?  I know I do!  After making my spinning nail polish holder, I was inspired to make this great display!  What is great about this project is that you make one a no cost or jazz this up with some thirfted items and a lazy busan bearing.  My two stands cost me less than $15 to build!  Ok, so lets first look at the material list…


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I will be using some plates I found these at my local thrift store, which were $1.99 for 2!!!  You can either use plates that you have at home or you can also hit the thrift shop.  You will need three plates for this project; two large and one medium size.  You want one of the plates to be smaller in diameter as the middle plate.

Next, you will need spacers to put between the plates.  I am recycling some I already have from home and picked up some from the thrift store.  Depending on the length of your necklaces you will need enough vases or spacers to span over 20 to 24 inches.  A good way of finding out how large your spacers need to be is to hold one end of your longest necklace and measure the length from end to end

Ok, if you want to paint your display, you will need some paint.  I am using acrylic craft paint.  You can use many other kinds of paint, but that may need additional prep work.  I recommend if you are going to paint your fixture, test paint a small hidden spot first to make sure the paint will have a good bond against your glass.  If you are going to spray paint your stand, I recommend priming it first or using an adhesion promoter to help the paint stick to your fixture.  Also, if using a craft paint, I recommend top coating with a gloss finish.

Next are some hooks or these wood caps to hang the necklace on.  I picked up these great picture hanging hooks from the local hardware store and the wood caps from my local craft store.

You can fill the vases with colorful pebbles, silk flowers, etc for that extra pop of color before gluing.

If you want your display to spin, you will need a lazy susan bearing.  This can be found at most hardware stores in the hardware section.  I found this in Home Depot near the caster wheels and furniture pads.  You will also need a flat surface to glue it on.  You can use finished shelving cut to size.  I am using some scrap plastic that I found in the garage.

Lastly is my handy dandy high heat glue gun and high strength glue sticks.  Now remember, if you are going to use a hot glue gun, you need to make sure the surfaces are properly prepared and you are using a high heat glue gun with high strength glue.  Just as a tip, I recommend wiping down the plates with nail polish remover or a degreaser to remove any oils or contaminants.  If you are using a brand new plate, you may need to lightly sand the area to be glued with a fine 1000+ grit sand paper.  Doing both will ensure you have a good surface for the glue to do it’s work.  Also, make sure the items to be glued are at room temperature or warmer.  Do not sure a hot glue gun against a cold glass item.  That is a recipe for disaster.  If you want to avoid the prep work, you can use E-6000 adhesive as well.

This tutorial is very similar to the 3-tier cupcake stand however the design is different.  I will be adding some decorative flowers and pebbles in my vase for a pop of color.

First step is to wash/clean the plates and vases that you are using.  Any oils from your fingers or dust from sitting around will prevent the glue from bonding 100%.  While you are drying it off, start warming up your holt glue gun! =)

I will start with the bottom plate (my base).  For those who didn’t watch my last tutorial, I basically marked my glue area and center before gluing.  You can use a sharpie marker or masking tape like I am using above.  This will help guide me to where I will need to glue the vase.  Remember, you only have one chance to glue it right!  Measure twice and glue once!  Quickly apply on the glue to the bottom of your vase then glue it on.  The longer you take, the faster the glue will cool and it will not bond well enough.  If you’re using a clear vase, here’s your chance to add whatever you like inside.. be it glitter, feathers…  flowers… rocks.. sand… shells… be creative!!!

For my second layer I will use the medium plate.  I am using the smaller plate because the necklaces need to fall past it.  Glue it on and repeat adding decorations if desired.  Finally, glue on the top plate.

Once your last plate is on… it’s time to put on the optional lazy susan, do this if you want it to spin around.  All you have to do it glue any side of the lazy susan directly onto the bottom of your plate ( if your plate is oddly shaped, than glue it onto a flat surface, like a piece of scrap) Then you will need to glue the other side onto another flat base.

Next, it’s time to glue on the hooks or caps.  You will use these to hang the necklaces on.  I personally like using the caps.  Their cute and easier to glue on, however a paint o paint around.  I used hot glue to attach the wood caps to the plate.

If you are using these hooks, I suggest you open them up for a larger surface for the glue to hold.  Fold open the top of the hook and like how I’m demonstrating so you form a lip that will fit flat on to the plate surface with the hot glue.

Once all hooks are on and the glue is settled, you can start painting.  After you get your desired coverage, top it over with a shiny gloss coat.  Let the paint cure for a day and you can use your pretty new necklace display!!!

If you make one, please remember to tag me photos of your remake to this DIY!  I love to see and make a collage out it your photos.  Love ya!!!



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  1. can i know which wan is more suitable? i can find lazy susan bearing around my area…so i would like to order online..can u please tell me which one more suitable? coz im so excited to start the ya

  2. Hi Anne, I am dying to make this stand. I have bought the plates from Ikea. However, I have a problem finding a hot melt glue gun in my country, for some reason, they are really expensive.
    Do you know any replacement adhesive that will work?
    Really looking forward to your help
    Thanks! =)

  3. These are so awesome! I went to my local thrift store today and bought the plates and candle sticks. They are all crystal glass and so pretty. Can’t wait to make this DIY! Tomorrow for sure! Thanks for sharing, love your blog! <3

  4. Hi Ann,
    I am so glad that I have learnt about you.. I love love your style in everything, from clothes to simple DYI and the fact that you work and you are married. It challenges me to stop being lazy and learn to do stuff myself. I am new in America and so far I have learnt one rule, it’s all about DYI. So this was a fun video and I am watching more and more of you. I just cant get enough of this. Thank you so much.

  5. I’m using your tutorial to make a centerpiece! 🙂 If I’m painting the plates, would I be able to do that before gluing or would that stop the glue from bonding well?

  6. Hey i saw your other video the one about Diy rotating nail polish & jewelry display.
    And i absolutely loved it! I just like the silver better, if you would be so kindly to tell me where i can buy it or maybe what material i can get to make one just like it? Thanks in advance (:

    1. you will probably have to make one and paint it silver. That display was purchase very long ago at tjmaxx 🙂

  7. i don’t think I can make this now but I’ll try 🙂

    I love your blog soo much!

    I am actually starting my own blog right now! perhaps you can visit it some time 😉
    can’t wait to see more videos. I actually put one of your videos on my blog(the one about how to make bow rings and mustache necklaces) I LOVE bows so much! bye!

  8. This would be a great idea for mothers day. It would cool if there were fake but realistic flowers in the middle.

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