Monogram Pillow Cases {Sew & No Sew}


Hi lovelies!  I absolutely love personalized accessories and wanted to accent our room with some bright throw pillows.  The monogrammed look is always chic, so I thought it would be  really cute to make some personalized pillow cases to cover up our throw pillows.  With all the fun fabrics out there, you can personalize yours to fit your decor or the look you are trying to get.

So first, lets go over the materials and supplies needed…


First, you will need some fabric.  I recommend getting upholstery fabric for your pillow cases for a durability and long life.  To make 2 pillow cases for a typical throw pillow, you will need at least one yard of fabric, 50-60 inches wide for the front side.

Next, you will need about the same for the backside of the pillow cases.  You don’t need upholstery fabric for the back if you want to save some money.  I used some scrap that I had from another project.  If you are planning on painting a monogram or design on the front, I would avoid using a textured fabric for the front side.

Now, you can sew your pillow cases, but if you can’t sew, no problem!  If you’re not sewing you will need some permanent iron on adhesive to bond the fabrics together.  You can also use fabric glue if you like.

For supplies, you will need (2) throw pillows, a pair of scissors, pins, ruler and a cutting surface.

If you are painting in a Monogram, you will need a few more supplies.  First, you will need a template or design.  I went to my computer’s word processor and printed out the letter as big as I can as a template.  Now, you can use any design or letter for your design.  Be creative!  Next, you will also need some vinyl decal paper, glitter, paint, and gloss clear coat to topcoat the glitter.
Ok, now that we have all the supplies together, let get started!

Start by laying the fabric with the right sides down and wrong sides facing you.  You are first going to make the front’s of the pillow cases.  Draw out the shape and size of your pillow.  Mine’s is a basic square.  I will be making two pillows so to save time, I will be folding the fabric together so I can cut out two squares.

With the “back of the pillow” fabric I will be drawing the length of my box 6-10 inches longer.   This shape looks more like a rectangle.  To save time, I will double up on fabric and cut out 2 rectangles; one for each pillow.

Next step- With the rectangles layered together, I will draw and cut a line down the middle for each side of the pillow case opening.  Now I have 4 smaller rectangles.  Separate them into two sets, one per pillow.

Now it’s time to finish the raw edges on the rectangles.  First, start with one of the sets.  On the long side, press a half inch in with  heated iron.  If you are using adhesive tape, than make sure to place it in between the seam line, then press it down with the iron to seal it.  If you’re using fabric glue than apply the glue after pressing the seam.  Do this to the other side.  Make sure to seal only one of the sides per rectangle.  Repeat  with the other set of rectangles.

Next, it’s time to bond the back to the front.   If you’re not sewing,  lay out the iron on adhesive on all 4 sides of your square.  Make sure to put the outside surface facing into the pillow case so when we flip it inside out, you will have the right sides facing out.  Next place one of the small back rectangle pieces to match the two corners of the square.  Make sure that your finished edge is in the center of your square- just like how I have it here. Go ahead and press it down with your hot iron.

Repeat with the second back piece; it should overlap the other rectangle.  Make sure to add extra adhesive or glue to the few inches that overlaps.  Iron and let it cool down.  If you are sewing, it’s pretty similar here.  Sew on the first rectangle and then pin in the second piece and sew.  Again, make sure to have the middle overlap and that your corners match evenly.

Once you’re complete, snip off the corners-be careful not to cut it too deep, just a little.  You want to snip off the inside corners so they don’t bunch up when you flip the case inside out.  Finally, you can turn the pillowcase inside out.  Super cute right?  You can now stuff your pillow into the case.  You can stop here if you want, but if you want to personalize your pillow with a monogram, keep going =)

For a personalized touch, I printed out some letters on my computer.  Unfortunately, my letters did not print as big as I would have liked, so I made just made some adjustments myself.  After touching up on the letters, I cut it out and traced it on to vinyl sticker paper to make the stencil.  I like using vinyl as it’s easy to work with and it leave clean and crisp lines when I peel it off.

Once it’s traced onto the vinyl/ decal sticky paper.  I will be cutting out the letters again with a blade.  I like using an Xacto/pen knife because it is easy to use.

Ok, not it’s time to apply the mask.  Remove the lettering; do it carefully and slowly so you don’t peel off the rest of the mask.  When I apply the mask, I normally use a ruler or a credit card to help seal the edges.

Ok, not it’s time to paint!  When you paint your base coat, I recommend dabbing the paint on instead of brushing it to prevent lifting the edges of the mask.  Once the base paint is dry, paint a layer that matches your glitter color.  Once the paint is on immediately apply the glitter generously to the surface.  Let the glitter dry over night.  Shake off the excess and save for later.

Finally, cover the glitter with some gloss top coat to prevent the glitter from falling out and for durability.   

After a few lovely hours, peel off your mask sticky paper to find a clean and sparkly monogram!  SUPER CUTE!!  KAWAII !!!



I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY, Keep on supporting with a thumbs up! Comment below what else you like to see… and don’t forget to keep in touch with me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!  I answer back!





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