Make A Cute Mustache and Printed Sweater or T-Shirt Tutorial


Hello everyone!  One of the most popular trends this year is the mustache look!  I’ve seen the mustache on mugs, accessories and other things, so I thought it would be great on a sweater!  This is a great cute gift idea and a super easy DIY project!  I am going to show you how to customize your sweaters or tees!  You can use this technique on practically any other application as well!  So let’s get started, shall we?

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What you will need are some sweaters or tops!   I recommend starting with something old just in case your first attempt doesn’t work out.  It’s also green to recycle and repurpose clothing that is just taking up room in your closet =).  I was actually lucky that all my sweaters came out as great on my first attempt!  I purchased a few cute sweaters that were on clearance at target to use.  But you can also use t-shirts or any other tops for this.

Next you will need some templates.  I have this ready for you to print on my blog (the link is below, just download and print =)).


Additional templates(both are printable PDF, just download and print)


XOXO Template


BowTie Template


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Ok moving on..  you will also need some decal or sticker paper.  You can actually go to any sign shop and see if they have any scrap vinyl they’re about to toss.  Have no shame if you are helping the world recycle!  If you’re too shy then you can find sticker or sticky papers at an office supply store or my Amazon link below.  The vinyl decal paper can be used for a ton of other DIYs as well.  It is so versatile!  I would go for the free option but that’s just me.  The size you need depends on the design you’re going for.

Next on your supply list is Fabric paint.  Fabric paints are made specifically for textiles.  It is made to permanently stay on through washing and provide flexibility.  Some craft paints are actually fabric friendly!  I suggest you read the information on the back of the bottles to see if they are fabric safe!  You can also use some glitter to make your sweater sparkly but it can make a mess in your washer!  To prevent that, I am going to use a gloss top coat to seal in the glitter.

Then, you will need pins to help you mark the decal location.  Finally you will need a measuring tape, a marker, a scissor, and spongy paint brushes.  Ok, lets start painting!

Step 1) Print and then cut out your template.  You can then use the cutout of template to transfer your design onto the sticker decal.  Put the cutout on top of your sticker material and then use your sharpie to trace it onto the vinyl.  Once traced, cut out the vinyl from the center as you are going to use the sheet as a stencil on your garment.  Make sure your cut lines are nice and clean as it will mask the paint on the garment.  Any weird edges will show up on your finished garment.

Step 2) I like to prep my sweater by first using a lint roller to take off any loose material and lint.  Then I recommend inserting either a magazine or cardboard in between the front and back of my sweater just in case the paint seeps through.  You don’t want to seal your top together =)  I then tuck everything not being painted underneath the design area to prevent paint from getting onto unwanted places.

Step 3) Have your ruler and pins out and determine the center of your sweater.  I like to  mark the center of the sweater first with a pin as a reference point.  Next, place the sticker with the backing still on and center it up.  Make sure it is placed where you want it.  Then place pins around it so that way it can be a guide when you apply the decal.

Step 4) Ok, you need to peel off the paper backing of the sticker and laying it where you want to paint.  I first start by peeling off the backing on one end and then use my ruler to flatten the sticker as I peel.  This prevent you from any air bubbles or wrinkles and frustration.  Make sure that all the cut areas are tightly sealed to the sweater to prevent paint from leaking through.

Step 5) Then take out your paint brush and dab in the paint.  Dab the paint on your first coat to seal the edges of the mask to your sweater. Don’t brush it, otherwise you will stretch out the material and create wrinkles or even peel up the mask.  Start with light dabs around the cut area of the sticker.  Dab on the paint to set a base layer, then when that’s set you can brush over your next layer of paint till you get your desired look.

Step 6) Let the paint dry and cure for a day and then carefully peel off your mask/decal paper.  Admire your work and then you can start rocking out your new sweater!!!

Ok, if you want to add glitter for an extra pop of color here is how you do it.  On your second coat of paint, apply it a little heavier and while still wet, sprinkle the glitter on.  Be generous!  Now, wait at least a day for the paint to dry.  After dry, remove the excess glitter and paint a topcoat of fabric gloss varnish.  Let it dry and enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY!



Additional templates(both are printable PDF, just download and print)
XOXO Template

BowTie Template


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  1. Hi! Since you used glitter you used a top gloss coat. What kind of top gloss coat did you use and where could I get one too!?

      1. yes please and can u add the bow template as well can it be soon so it can be in time for christmas gifts pretty please with a cherry on top

  2. This is such a great idea! I’m so trying this! I have a question though. Can you print directly onto the decals to eliminate a step?

  3. Hello~! I absolutely adore all of your project ideas! They’re so easy to follow and creative! I was wondering if you could put up the bow template?


  4. great DIYs! love the one with the xoxo, those with the mustaches are really funny…


  5. You can also use Freezer Paper instead of vinyl! I have used it before and it works great. All you have to do is trace your image onto the freezer paper, cut out your design then iron the paper onto your fabric! You can get it anywhere and it will last forever!

  6. Love this idea great gift ideas for christmas. Was wondering if you can put the template for the xoxo and bow idea please would really love to do those as well. so pretty please with a cherry on top lol. By the way thx for sharing.

  7. What is your recommendation on washing/drying these sweaters? I love these but I just have a fear that they’ll be ruined when washed and so will my other clothes when washed along with the sweater. Thank!

    1. Also you can turn the shirt inside out when washing to make the print on the shirt last a long time

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  9. I made a tshirt with the mustache for my boyfriend and he loved it!! thanks for the idea. just a question: do you use sponge brushes again? how do you wash them?

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