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Hi everyone! Can you believe that November is almost over and the holidays are coming up?  Where did all the time go!  Also, the days here in the Northeast are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder(much colder….brrrrrr)  With the change of the seasons, it’s time to share with you the stuff I am currently using and loving!  These are products that I have bought, tested and love!    Ok, first…

This is my favorite tea of the moment.  I’m not a coffee drinker but i’m a huge fan of tea.  I have one kitchen cabinet dedicated to tea!  With the winter and cold weather comming, I wanted something hot and cozy but with a hint of the spring to come.  This herbal tea is perfect!  It is made by TAZO (same stuff sold in Starbucks) and is a rose tea with a hint of citrus.  It has a lovely delicate and soothing scent!  Also, because it is non caffeinated, it is perfect to drink late at night when I am crafting without the fear of never being able to fall asleep =)  It is a relaxing tea as well.  So if you are depressed by the short days and want something warm to remind you of spring, try this tea! =)

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Ok, next is this Lush “Mask of Magnaminty.  It smells like Chololate Mint Ice Cream!!!  Eric say’s that it doesn’t taste like it though(OMG).  I’ve been using this since the summer and LOVE it!  So invigorating!  Face masks like this are used to exfoliate and clean the skin.  I like using this at night after taking a shower when my face is clean and damp.  The little ground up Aduki beans inside of the mask gently exfoliate my skin and the peppermint oil both cleanses my pores and gives my face a great feeling of coolness.  While it dries, I like to surprise my hubby with my new green face =)  Once dried, I wash it off my face with warm water and move my hands in circular motions.  So soothing!  Best part about this stuff is it is all natural and handmade.  Great way to end your day and pull the toxins out from all your makeup from the day!  Highly recommended.  If you have a lush local to you, they will give you a free sample to try out at home!  Just ask!

Inglot!  Where do I begin!  I bought these a year ago and LOVE these!  The packaging is pretty neat with the magnets making them stackable. It’s such an interesting concept to keep things well organized.  Also, you can easily see the colors for quick reference.  Only problem is the packaging is a bit heavy, so it can definitely  weigh down on your bags when traveling.    Ok, starting with the eyeshadow, I have been loving the blue.  It looks bright on camera, but on my skin, it’s pretty wearable.  I also love the browns to blend with other colors and to help them pop.  Next the lip pallette!  First of all, they have the consistency and feel of lipstick.  In the summer I have been wearing the brighter colors, but now in fall and winter, I have been loving the Mauve color tones.  They go perfect with the colors and outfits I have been wearing for the Fall and now the Winter.  However, I don’t wear it alone.  I have been pairing it up with this great IPKN Lip Gloss…

This lip gloss is from a Korean company, so it’s not the easiest to find here in the USA.  They sell this on  Originally when I bought it, I did not like it as it was very sheer.  But when I tried it over lipstick, I loved it!  It works great as a gloss and a lip conditioner and helps to make the color of the lipstick more vibrant with the sheen.  I really like the felt applicator and the way it feels on my lips.  It’s a heck of a lot better then those plastic brushes from the so called high end glosses that apply unevenly and feel funky.

Ok, onto my current FAV scent.  This is Chance by Chanel, Eau Tendre.  I bought it over the summer time, but wasn’t totally feeling it at the time.  For summer, I wanted something fresh and invigorating and resulted wearing my other scent.  This particular scent is a bit more warm and inviting, which is perfect for the cold winter!  In my opinion it has a warm floral note. It’s not cheap, but thankfully a little bottle goes a long way.

Ok, for the past month, I have been trying out this product.  This is the Personal Microderm by a company called PMD.  I have always wanted to get a professional microderm abrasion done, but the cost of just one visit turned me off.   My skin isn’t the greatest and my research on microderm abrasion made me curious to try.  So I first tried a “at home” product from Sephora that cost me $250.  While it was great for the first 2 applications, by the third try, the device stopped working, which was very disappointing.  Luckily, Sephora has an awesome return policy (thats why I love shopping there) and I was able to bring it back.  I was actually offered to try this pmd, in which I was more then willing to since my last experience with the other brand failed miserably.   I think I am up to 16 applications and there has been no loss of suction.  This retails for $179, but you can often find it for sale on Amazon for $150.  I will do a comprehensive review in another video.

Ok, last but not least is this Missa M BB Cream.  Like mentioned in my last review, Misha is my favorite brand for BB creams.  I never notice the #27 existed until a few of my viewers recommend it to me, so thanks dolls!  I still find it too light but a lot closer to my skin tone than the #23.

So those are my November Favorites!  Hope you got some new insight on what I use!






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  1. Hi Ann, could you please show us the many ways of wearing and layering cardigans over different types of dresses? I’m very self-conscious about my arms so normally I try to buy long sleeve dresses or layer cardigan over sleeveless dresses, which makes me feel dowdy and less formal. I hope you can teach us a few tricks. Thanks!

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