How to Make Spinning Nail Polish / Jewelry 3-tier Display Fixture DIY


Hello beauties! today I have a really pretty, fun, super easy and most importantly practical DIY for you!  Yes I know the 3-tier cupcake stand has already been done several times all over the internet but…  I wanted to add my own spin to it…literally!  This is not your typical static display!  Having a rotating fixture is super convenient for larger table top displays especially for makeup and nail polish holders.  You don’t have to worry about knocking over what’s in front of you and can conveniently view things in the back just by turning it.

So let’s begin shall we?


Step by Step Tutorial:

You will need a lazy susan bearing which can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowes or any hardware stores.  This is a bearing that goes inside of kitchen cabinets that rotate.

Next you need  2 square pieces of wood or anything with  a flat surface.  I’m using some scrap plexiglass since that is what available for me- but you can purchase some wood shelving and cut it into squares for a base.  DIY tip, Home Depot and Lowes can cut it for free.  Thrifty tip, sometimes they have scrap wood that would be perfect for free.  Next, A glue gun, some glue sticks, ruler and sharpie.

I highly recommend getting high temp heavy duty glue sticks or E-6000 adhesive. You can find them on Amazon as well.

You will also need some pretty plates in small medium and large.  I got mine’s for super cheap at the salvation army.  Finally, you  will also need spacers like some glasses or candle holders.

So step 1-Have your glue gun heated and ready… I suggest you start with the smallest plate first (in my case, I have a handle attached to my small plate, therefore I will be using my medium plate),  With the plate upside down…measure and mark the center of the plate with a marker or masking tape. Next, I am marking the circumference of my glass around the center  of the plate (this will help center on the glass nicely.

step 2- with a hot glue gun, applying glue to the rim of my glass, then quickly put it on the plate before the glue hardens.  This is why I made my markings first to avoid gluing the glass unevenly, b/c it is not fun to take apart if you do.

step 3, it’s time to mark the larger plate the same way you did with the plate before.

step4- place the hot glue onto the open end of your glass and quickly cover it with the plate, ANNND you done!

You can now use rubbing alcohol to remove the marks you made with your sharpie.

If you want your display to be taller, just repeat steps 1 through 4.

Time to for the cool part now.

Take out that lazy susan bearing and the 2 flat boards.  Next we’re going to sandwich the lazy susan between the boards. Make sure to mount it in the center!  Take out that awesome glue gun of yours and place glue on all 4 corners of your lazy susan and then quickly apply on one board, and repeat with the other piece of wood.

Ok, now to mount the base to your display!  Ok,  it’s time apply glue to the top surface of your sandwich with some hot melted glue, then quickly place the whole display you made earlier over  it.

Congratulations… You are officially finished!!!



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  1. H Ann! i would really like to make this for my bestfriend, and i was wondering where do you buy the silver platter/plate? The one with the nail polish. Please let me know.

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! I made the DIY ring box for my mother for her birthday and she loved it! I can’t wait to try this one out for her for Christmas! 😀 Thanks so much! I love your DIYs! Please do more of these. 😀

  3. amazing! what a great idea and seems easy to create.

    you say to glue the glass directly to the frame, can i ask what type of adhesive you would use for that?
    the glass would have to be adhered to the frame as well as the “box” correct?

  4. I am so lovin’ your DIY tutorials!! Gonna try this for my new home but first I need to figure out how to get all the materials from Amazon and shipped them out to Singpore..

  5. Where did you get the crystal roses you showed a couple of times in the video? I’m considering putting one on top of my smallest plate.

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