Make a Cute Red Heart & Elbow Patch Sweater {Easy}


Hi guys!  Cold weather is just around the corner so I wanted to do a fun and easy DIY to spruce up your sweaters!  Today we will be making some cute heart and oval elbow patches and a fuzzy heart for the chest area.  Super cute!  The elbow patch is a classic style that also has functionality in making your sweaters last longer from wear in the elbow area.  I have also been seeing sweaters with big hearts in the store and thought it would be a great idea to make one myself or for a gift to friends and family.  $70-90 from Asos or J Crew?  I’ll make one myself thank you.  Sure beats getting an ugly sweater=)


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Ok, lets go over the material list.  First, I prefer to use a woven material like a corduroy for this for durability, you can use any scrap fabric that’s over 5 x 5 inches.  Next you will need some Fray prevention type of glue.  This will prevent any loose treads from unraveling after you cut it.  I love this stuff!  It’s a great quick fix to have around the home.  Next on the list, a pair of scissors, a Ruler, a sharpie or any marking tools, clothing pins, and of course some permanent fabric glue.

To make the elbow patches… lay your fabric down with 1 layer over the 2nd one, the right sides should face together and wrong sides facing out.  Measure and trace a square that’s 5 inches by 5 inches.  Then cut it out.  Next…

Next fold together those 2 pieces of fabric and draw out half your preferred shape with a marker, just like in first grade.  I’m drawing half a heart, and it’s okay to mess up with the drawing here,  because the wrong sides will not show.

Cut out your patches.  You need two, cause you got two arms =)

Once your shapes are cut, have the wrong sides facing up at you and now it’s time to use the fray glue to seal the edges.  Let the liquid glue trickle down slowly all the around the edges.  Less is more with this stuff!  Do this for both patches and let it dry for 2-3 hours.

Before gluing on your patches, try on your sweater and place a pin 1 inch aboove your elbow.  This will give you a place of reference to where you will need to glue the patch.

Ok, time to take out the fabric glue.  Before you start gluing I recommend putting a piece of cardboards into the sleeves right where the patch will go.  By doing so it will prevent any glue from seeping onto the other side.

Ready?  Go ahead and apply the glue evenly and throughout the patch.  Next, lay it on to sleeve. Repeat this on to the other side.  I recommend letting the glue set for at least a day before wearing it out.

Ok, next project.  The heart sweater!

For the big heart, I used a cuddly terry cloth material that’s about 1/3 a yard wide.  I basically folded the fabric together and trace half a big heart on to one side.  The center of my heart is 10 inches long.  Once you’re happy with your shape, cut the heart out.

Terry cloth naturally will fray a lot, so we will pretty much apply the same method with the fray glue.  This time spread a generous amounts all around the edges of the heart.  Let it dry for 3 hours.

Just like with the patches, you will want place something underneath the area will glue to prevent seepage.  Next, place pins as a guide to where you will place the heart.  A ruler will help you center it if needed.  Lastly, spread your fabric glue evenly and carefully on one side of the heart and place it down slowly on your shirt.  Repeat on the other side.  Take your time and be careful to not get glue all over your shirt or patch.  If you mess up, clean it with a damp cloth.

And there you have it, just saved you $70!  Chao!



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