How To DIY Project: Cute Boho Twisted Beanie Hat Tutorial {No Sew}


Hi everyone!  The cold weather is right around the corner and it’s a perfect time to start covering up your head with a cute hat!  Everyone needs an oversized beanie and if you can repurpose an old sweater or scarf and save some money, even better!  Our project today is how to make a cute boho twist hat and an oversized beanie!  You don’t even need a sewing machine!  Ok, let’s get started!


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Ok, so you will need scissors, measuring tape, sharpie marker, ruler and some iron on adhesive.

If you never heard about this… it’s basically fusible fabric glue.

You will also need this no fray glue.  This will prevent fabrics from unraveling!

You will also need any scrap fabric or an old sweater.  Use something light weight and not too chunky.  An old knit or fleece scarf will also work awesome for this project.

First thing, Cut out 2 strips from your sweater or whatever stretchy material you feel like using. The strips should be about 4 1/2 inches wide and 25 – 30 inches long. You probably don’t need all that length but it’s good to have more then too little right? =)

Because the yarn on this sweater will unravel when cut, I’m going to generously apply this no fray glue along the cut edges.  Let it dry for a good 10 minutes.

Once that’s dry, take out one piece and fold it in half with right sides in and wrong sides out, Take out the 2nd piece and loop it like how I’m doing it right here with right sides together and the wrong sides facing you.

Now try to flatten and even these strips – so that way the raw edges can be on the sides like so.

Next, pick a side, right or left, just stick to one side.  Then, take out the iron on adhesive and place it between the raw edges.  Do this at both ends.  Use pins to hold the strips and fabric in place.

Now, because my yarn has metallic fiber that can melt, I will be using this damp towel in between the iron and the cloth.  My material is kind of thick; it takes me a few extra seconds to let the heat seep through.  Do this on both sides.  Let it cool off for 5 minutes before you continue the next step.

Now that you have both sides complete, it’s time to bond the top part of the hat together.  So open the strips and have the right sides up then fold it up like how I’m doing here.

Now you will apply the same method I showed you with the adhesive strips.

For the back part of the beanie, you will need to draw out a curve since our head is not a box=)

Go ahead and cut around the curve then apply on the adhesive.

Now, flip the hat inside out and volia!  A really cute boho twisted turban!

Ok, so lets work on the beanie next.

For the oversized regular beanie…  start with wrong sides out.  I’m using 2 layers here.. The measurements of this beanie will be  11 inches long and 12 inches wide, the opening will be 8 inches wide.  So take out your ruler and mark the length, width, then center your 8 inch opening.

I suggest you connect you markings by drawing a big round oval, then cut it out.

Now it’s time to take out your adhesive and place that between your layers and close to the cut edges.  Then apply on the heat.

Flip it inside out and volia!  Oversized beanie!

Have fun recycling you old stuff!



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  1. i didnt understand the benie adhesive thing plz let me know how to put on the adhesives also name of adhesives

  2. Thank you for this Awesome! Tutorial. Now I have something to do with my old sweater’s and make something cute for my granddaughters and I.

  3. Cute idea, but very confusing instructions. I got lost after you said to attach (or bond) the top part of the hat together (with the strips?). Then you never explain what you do with the ends of the strips. I have been a seamstress for years, and I would love to do this, but just can’t figure your directions… I’m sorry…

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