DIY Twisted & Braided Scarves {No Sew}


Hey lovelies!  Well, the cold weather is here(brrrrr) and it’s time to start accessorizing with cute scarves!  I love scarves, but at $20 and up in the mall, I decided to make my own and get the looks that I wanted.  This method does NOT require any sewing! It’s super easy and great for anyone to make.  These lovely scarves make fantastic neck accessories or you make these into thoughtful gifts for someone special!

So let’s get started!



Fabric: I like to use jersey knits.  This type of materials drapes very nicely, they’re stretchy, easy to work with, and super soft.  Depending  on the thickness of your fabric, you may need between 1/2 to 1/3 a yard, 40 inches in width.  You can even recycle some oversized t-shirts to make these scarves!  Save the planet and look great!

Tools:  rulers or rotary cutter, sheers/ scissors, iron on adhesive and an iron.  If you’re sewing you do not need the iron on adhesive.  Iron adhesive is a DIYers/Crafters hidden secret.  Basically, it’s like the hot glue from a hot glue gun but in the form of tape.  You can use it to hem garments, attach embellishments to garments and even put garments together like we will with this scarf.  It’s perfect for lighter weight fabrics, but not recommended to thicker fabrics.  Totally handy for any crafty person out there.

Ok, first start by taking the strips of fabric and lay them out like above.  If you are wondering if I am going to hem the seams, you don’t need to sew in the raw edges of knit fabric because it will naturally curl inward.  Create a “U” with one overlapping the other.

Next, take one end of the fabric and loop it under and out of the “U”  Loop it just like what I am doing in the picture.  Make two loops for both sides, then when you’re done, make little adjustment to fix any raw edges sticking out.  It should look like a square knot.

Continue braiding the fabric as shown and leave then ends loose.  We are going to bond the ends together with the seam tape.  If you can sew, you can sew these together instead if desired.

Once you’re done with that braiding, look for the raw edges on the inside of your fabric.  We are going to join one raw seam from one side to the other side.  Take that edge and place it on top of the other side with the right(the exterior side) sides facing out.  You can now take out the iron on adhesive and place it between the right sides of your fabric.

Next, pin this in place and repeat on the other side of the scarf.


Ok, it is time to iron the seams together.  Make sure to use a medium to high setting if using a natural fiber.  If you are using a synthetic cloth, you need to take some extra precautions.  To prevent melting synthetic, use a lower temperature and then press and lift, press and lift as you go.  This will allow the fabric to cool a little before applying heat again.

Be careful to not have the adhesive melt on your ironer! it will be a ugly mess! However The adhesive should melt and bond your fabrics together nicely. Let it cool before trying to pull on it. Your seam should look something like this.

Ok, now you have one long scarf.  Both ends are seam sealed and it’s time to join one end to the other and link them together.  Before you link your scarves together, see if you’re happy with the length; Put it on and test fit it.  Next, cut and trim if needed.

Your next step would be to press the ends together by following the same steps.  Take the ends of each colors and keep the Right sides together.  Put the seam tape in.

Iron that seam together and press.  And that is it!!!

Make one, and the next should be a piece of cake!  Now, if you are good at sewing, replace the seam tape with sewing the seams together.  You would want to sew the seams with the wrong sides out so when you flip it, you won’t see the seam edge.

Ok, I have a second style for those of you who have mastered the first one.  This scarf will use a tight braid as an accent.  First start with the main body of the scarf and make a tube of fabric to your desired length.  Bond the ends together using the seam tape.  Ok, next are the braids.  You will need to cut your fabric into one to three inch thick strips.  The thicker the cut, the chunkier your braid will be.  Each strip will be about 50-60″ long.  I cut one set at 3″ and one set for 1″ to have two sets of braids on this scarf.

Once you cut it, you are going to do a traditional three strand braid with your accent color as the middle strand.  I like to use a clamp at the top to hold things together and make it easier to work with the long fabric strips.  Braid to the end and then tie both the ends together.  Clip off the excess fabric.

Ok, now to join the main scarf body with the two accent braids.  Take a piece of scrap fabric that is about 14″ by 4″.

Now, in a simple overhand knot, you are going to tie both braids to the scarf body.  I like to tie it twice to a little extra security, then move the knot to the inside of the scarf.  Cut the excess fabric and then adjust the knot and fabric so it looks ascetically pleasing.

And there you have it!  Great accent pieces that look great and keep you warm!  Get creative with the colors and the fabrics for your own unique look and have fun!



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  1. Very nice DIY!! My favorite is the green one with the layered braids! Have sooo much fabric, may have to try making one tonight!

    Accidentally Stylish w/ S.S. Milk

  2. i LOVE this DIY!!!!!!!!!!!! i really like the red-white it´s so much pretty, Ann! I really LOVE all of your DIY´s!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 sorry for don´t being good in english i´m german sorry! 🙂

  3. I love these! I also love your tutorial on the no sew beanie! This is such an awesome site, keep up the good work! 🙂

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